All I can say about TSA knives is WOW.  When I asked one of the new owners if there was something she wanted to provide us with for the Christmas 2019 contest she outdid herself.

Check out the SFO COA.  Only 103 were made. 

1 Prototype

99 serial numbered 

3 Non Numbered

This is one of those 3 non numbered!


Go to TSA Knives new website and give us some specific information

1) What do you like about it?
2) What in your opinion could be improved?
3) What are the 3 names of the new TSA Knife Partners introduced in early October?
Come back here and post the answers
YES, I know that after the 1rst person names the new owners someone could copy it but I trust you all to actually go look !!
Everyone can enter once.  The contest runs from today Dec 9th through Dec 23rd at an undisclosed (as yet) time.
HINT**  You may want to be paying attention to this discussion and the TSA Blog as a chance for another entry within the 2 week period is possible but may not be announced by email.

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Okay, new partners...Pat, Erin and Katie McGlynn.

The website was fairly easy to navigate...there seemed to be some repetition between the blog and news posts...not a problem per se, but I would think they could be combined in some form or fashion.  I found their overall story to be very interesting.  Of course, good luck to all our dealers!

1) Good pattern and attractive bone.

2) Without holding n my hands it is not possible to to accurately render an opinion on what needs improved.

3) Erin McGlynn, her husband Pat and daughter Katie 

It'z a Handsome knife. I Luv the Calico Bone Handlez.  The Only (IMHO)?Improvement??, could be a Rounded Front Bolster to Match the Butt End. Very Nice Folder.

Lazt but Not Least, Nice Work to the New Partnerz: Pat, Erin and Katie McGlynn.

Merry Xmas to ALL iKC Folk'z.

1) I like the clean look overall with plenty of images

2) I don't like the big ugly purple block at the top right on the home page, that's like a spotlight shining in my eyes, totally drawing attention from the image to the left and looks gaudy. Purple in other text is no problem. The big black footer on every page is not as bad as the purple, but still a bit harsh and distracting. A lighter color would be easier on the eye. The blog has a tan colored banner across the top - ideally get rid of that to make it look more like all the other pages - Home, Shop, News & Updates for a m ore consistent appearance

3) As of November 22, 2019, TSA Knives is owned by Erin McGlynn, her husband Pat and daughter Katie


I have surfed the website and signed up for the Blog notices. Here are my answers:

1. It is very easy to move around the site. This website is attractive, welcoming, and very informative.

2. I can't think of 1 thing I would like to see changed.

3. The new partners are Erin, Pat, and Katie McGlynn.

I would love to add the #92 to my GEC collection but I am happier I have added 1 more to my list of dealers that will send me availability announcements.

Cheers, Brian

1) I like the blog. I also like that there is a lot to look at from the products and news and updates. I even subscribed.

2) They could improve if they sent me all new products for testing.

3)  Erin McGlynn, her husband Pat and daughter Katie have taken charge  (I did cut and paste this)

1.  Design

2.  without trying it, I have no suggestions

3.  Erin & pat McGlynn & daughter Katie

Thank you for offering this contest.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and yours.  Here's wishing you the very best as you manage the "knife store".

Tom Rutherford, Sr.

Prescott, AZ

Patrick & Erin McGlynn and their daughter Katie McGlynn are the new owners and Greg will move over to the Trestle Pines website though TSA will list a few also. Nice relatively normal website, much better than before. Dunno what could be improved other than to say try to stock more high-quality import knives at fair prices, and I was seriously surprised to see Rough Ryder knives listed on the product list. The site itself seems to be very usable.

I hope I answered the questions correctly, happy holidays to all of you and good luck.

    (1) I like the site easy to use

     (2) i do'nt see were you need to inprove

   (3) erin.pat.katie as always you are a hard to out do you you do a great job keep it up jan

hay jan i found a gift you could get me (joe kiius stage hunter} man they have some sweet blades  /Just laugh and giggles keep up the great work I'm looking forward to 2020 ikc


1. Patrick, Erin and Katie McGlynn.
2. Easy to negotiate, user-friendly. Nice selection of knives.
3. No improvements needed at this time, in my opinion.
Pat, Erin and Katie.
I really like the ease of navigation and the broad range of knife interests.
Thank you for keeping the knife community engaged, it is very much appreciated.

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