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All I can say about TSA knives is WOW.  When I asked one of the new owners if there was something she wanted to provide us with for the Christmas 2019 contest she outdid herself.

Check out the SFO COA.  Only 103 were made. 

1 Prototype

99 serial numbered 

3 Non Numbered

This is one of those 3 non numbered!


Go to TSA Knives new website and give us some specific information

1) What do you like about it?
2) What in your opinion could be improved?
3) What are the 3 names of the new TSA Knife Partners introduced in early October?
Come back here and post the answers
YES, I know that after the 1rst person names the new owners someone could copy it but I trust you all to actually go look !!
Everyone can enter once.  The contest runs from today Dec 9th through Dec 23rd at an undisclosed (as yet) time.
HINT**  You may want to be paying attention to this discussion and the TSA Blog as a chance for another entry within the 2 week period is possible but may not be announced by email.

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Congrats Brian, and thank you to TSA, Jan, and everyone else involved.

Have a Merry Christmas

Yes Jeff, the blog instructed you to sign up for the TSA site news

Jan Carter said:

Yes Jeff, the blog instructed you to sign up for the TSA site news

Well shoot, I did that lol. Congratulations Brian and Merry Christmas everyone!

Congratulations, Bryan, & sorry to hear about your December thus far.  Hopefully this signals a turn for the better!

Thanks again everyone!  Yes we definitely see this as an excellent turn of events!

We wish everyone a wonderful holiday with friends and family. And keep those knives sharp!!

Congratulations Brian!   Kudos to Jan and TSA Knives.  MERRY Christmas!

so bryan i see you come to the same sites i do.we need to share your win with the group you know lon humphrey group 

you did good

Congrats Bryan, that's a keeper for sure!

Congratulations Bryan and Thank you all for checking out the new site!  I deeply appreciate the great advice, humorous posts and  the support form this community.  Happy Holidays!!!

Thanks Erin to you and your entire family for the kind giveaway.  Very much looking forward to it!

Happy holidays!!!

My apologies for the late response. What a beautiful pocketknife, I have to say. Very difficult to find a current production traditional blade with this kind of fit and finish. Thank you again iKc and TSA for a beautiful rendition of pocket jewelry. 


I am so very glad you like it.  I again want to thank everyone that played with us and Erin at TSA for such a wonderful knife to end our year with

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