As you know we did not do a 2020 because I would not just throw any knife out there at you. So this year the etch will reflect both years and the entire package will reflect the years it represents.  okay, so it has a little humor involved, we all deserve a giggle. The knife will come in a black zippered case, the long-awaited item is now available!

3.63" closed. Satin finish stainless spear blade and spatula etched iKC 2020-21. Bone stag handle. Nickel silver bolster(s) Buck Doctors knife. The knife, the face mask, the zippered pouch and shipping to a US Destination is included.

At just $96.00 including shipping to any US DESTINATION, the 24 that will be available for sale should go pretty quick. Only 27 will be made 3 stay with me (family guys, you know). This is a prepurchase and the knives should ship to you within about 3 weeks.

Buy it here and Thank you for your continued support


Jan Carter

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Thank you to everyone that has supported us in this. We have one set left to offer.  The etching is being done this week and the masks are being started as well 

So these should be in your hands any day now as they were at the PO yesterday afternoon and all went priority

Show me those 20-21 knives. Put your mask on for me? Let's get a GREAT pic for the front of the 2022 Calendar!!!"

WooHoo!  I'm ready for surgery now!

Looking good there Dennis!

A year and a half of covid and all I got was this iKC set right? 

Jan Carter said:

A year and a half of covid and all I got was this iKC set right? 

Take my word for it, Jan, this is far nicer and less drastic than other  things floating around, these days. 


I know this was a little different for us but I thought everyone buying them could use a smile. We all can right now. So show them off folks, let me see those eyes above our logo and that knife in it's new home

Right now the voices inside my head are having a heated discussion on whether I should do some landscape work on my beard.  Linda took me for a haircut, yesterday, and they wanted to get into the act also.

I've been letting it grow for a while now and had a little girl waving at me at the Drs office yesterday.

Got to thinking that she might have thought that I was old St. Nick, himself.

We'll see how the vote turns out as long as they don't start fighting.

Heck .... and I just put my hedge trimmer away for the season!

It's been awhile, Dennis.  Might need something more robust.

Mine came today. Very knice knife. Thanks

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