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 The #23 Trapper knives are coming soon.  Some parts are being made right now.  Brazilian Cherry Wood -- beefy drop point blades for two bladed #23  knives 

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I want one of the BT but cant find one

Oregon Knife Collectors Association  GEC#23 OKCA  Jumbo Trapper

BT ?  What is that ?  JSR Sports & More has F&F Carvers in stock.  Black/red micarta F&F carvers are gone.  Blue Creek Cutlery has F&F carvers.   Kifer Cutlery has four red/black micarta F&F #62s in stock.    Please support our iKC supporters !   

Check out that antique autumn bone with wavy "Rogers"  jigging. (1 of 100) The OKCA 2020 were very expensive this year , to raise money for the Oregon knife show.  The April Oregon knife show was canceled .  It won't be long , I will have my two club knives in my hand.   The Allegheny Mountain Knife Collectors Association club knife is 1 of 35 this year.  

The Franks SFO GEC#23 Pioneer two blade Trappers in Exotic  India bone are in Production now.  I am hoping club knives and SFO dealer knives will be finished up in one to two weeks.   It won't be long now.  When these knives are buffed , oil washed , and cleaned ,the exotic India bone  will be a whole new animal. 

The Pioneer Trapper #23 in Brazilian Cherry wood has been released and they will be going out to dealers soon. This knife turned out really wonderful.  I had not planned to buy this knife in two blade.   I can not resist this "bear trap" knife.  I have one arm.  I will be using my feet and a CASE XX blade pick.  I have been dreaming of these #23 knives for two years.  

Looks really nice! I ordered a Micarta #23, waiting for it to arrive.

 I just received my GEC#23 Trapper cherry wood knife.  I have one arm and I broke my thumb nail trying to open it.  My GEC dealer "top secret" gave me a free polishing cloth with the knife.   I took the knife up stares, wrapped up in the lime colored polishing cloth.  My knife slipped out the cloth and slammed on the cypress wood steps.   Bad language came out my mouth !  No damage to my knife at all.   I opened the knife right up with my CASE XX blade pick and my feet.  The secondary blade barely cut my thumb nail.  I learned with Boker Congress knives , open/clean one blade to prevent accidents.  I will be opening my future GEC#23 knives ,one blade at a time.  I love to oil/clean knives and guns.  I have two club knives and a SFO #23 coming up next. 


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