The #23 Trapper knives are coming soon.  Some parts are being made right now.  Brazilian Cherry Wood -- beefy drop point blades for two bladed #23  knives 

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AAPK release their 2020 AAPK Northfield #74 Mustang Antique Autumn Natural bone, today.   I had to take care of some family business today.  After getting home , I went straight to the AAPK web-sight.  One guy was bragging that  scored one.  I panicked and freaked out.   There were 103 AAPK GEC#74 Mustangs made.  There were nine left at the AAPK Store..  I tried to buy two and a AAPK T-shirt.   I am thrilled and thankful.  I got one club knife and a t-shirt coming. I bet I got the last one.  When I received my AAPK invoice , they were all gone.  Talk about ."By the skin of your teeth."   

The GEC made Northwoods were dropped by KnivesShipFree yesterday.  The Camel bone Indian River Jack #35 frame knives .  The camel bone came in many color and no blue were made.  The black camel bone was the killer.  500 knives were dropped and gone in 5 minutes.   

Black Teal Natural bone #19 Little Rattler   

Snakeskin acrylic 

2020 VIPER GEC#47 Schedule   --- 200 pieces of each choice -- I contacted Ken ,owner of Blue Creek Cutlery. I have  an Arizona Ironwood #47 Viper on pre-order.  I have been talking to Ken for over a month about a GEC#47 Viper run.  Ken was doubtful but he made a #47 pre-order list and he put me on it.  Ken was floored today and very happy when I contacted him today.  I have an Arizona Ironwood #47 Viper on Pre-order.   Please support our GEC dealers iKC  supporters !

I just read a reliable post from Darrel Orrell.  The GEC#47 Viper run will be 275 choices per choice and not 200 like I was told on the #74 Mustang run  with the same four scale choices.  Darren (age 24) is writing a Knife Book and he studies the production of GEC knives.  Darren does custom work on knives too.   He removed a blade for me and repaired my NOS stuck lock-back Mountain Man Queen Knife.   

Mike Latham announced that the new count will be 275 pieces , not 200 per choice on the #47 Viper run.     


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