Here is my non-professional review of my 2 latest knives. I recently picked up two different knives from two different makers, both from Brazil. Thanks to Cesar, I was able to acquire these by trading for a Buck Stockman.

   The first knife is the Zebu Barretos - SP, single blade. The blade is INOX (420 Stainless). The scales are a black acrylic, with brass bolster. Overall, it is not a bad looking knife (workmanship is good). It has a good amount of snap in the back spring. It does not have a half stop, but does have a loose area where there would be a half stop. It is 4 3/8" in the closed position, and has a 3 1/2" blade. It is larger than I would normally carry in my pocket. I have carried a few days and used it a few times. So far I like it and think it will hold up well as an EDC. the factory edge is not bad, but I will eventually touch it up.

   The second knife is a Cimo Inox. This also has a 420 stainless blade. The scales are some type of Cedar wood. The blade has a lot of snap. The closed length is 4 5/16". The blade length is 3 1/4". This one also came with a leather sheath. A piece of twine is tied through the lanyard hole. The sheath is nice looking. The sheath is coated in some type of varnish (according to Cesar). He said it is to help keep them from drying out and cracking, due to the extreme temperatures in Brazil. The workmanship on this knife is not quite as good as the Zebu, other than the blade and back spring. This one actually has a half stop. The wooden handles are smooth but not rounded at all on the edges, making it not very comfortable to hold.

Overall,, I would say both knives are built well as users. Neither one has a locking blade, but have stiff back springs to ensure they will not fold up, in use, very easy. Of the two knives, the Zebu is a better looking knife (currently), but the Cimo has a better functioning blade. I have not used either much yet, but am confident that both will hold up well. I will be doing some work to the Cimo, to make it more comfortable to use. I will show some before and after pics soon.

For the price, I think both knives are a good value, even considering the extra freight cost. If anyone has any questions about either knife, I would be more than happy to answer them. 

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Much smoother look and I sure the feel mirrors that.  Good work Jeremy

Great job Jeremy!! Looks much better!

First time I had seen this post but good info and good looking knives. Great reviews.

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