A few years ago we decided to go to a different type of knife show, a Hammer In.  For those that have followed us with the Track Rock Hammer In’s you know it created a need to forge for Donnie.  It has truly added a layer of knowledge for us and given me a truer appreciation for what goes into the different styles of knife making.  As we begin a new weekend of helping folks enjoy hammering out a knife, I am excited.  This particular Hammer In focuses on kids, anyone can come make a knife but kids get priority at the anvils.

Carl Rechsteiner sets everything aside for 2 weekends out of each year to bring this skill forward.  There are many young men that have been doing this since they could lift the hammer, and they are now teaching at the anvils.

So, off I go in a few hours to bring to you’re the happenings at Trackrock Campgrounds in Blairsville, Ga.  Keep an eye out here for the coverage of a different kind of knife show! 

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Y'all have a blast.

It always amazes me when this gets set up.  This brawny group of good of men get together twice a year to provide a fun learning experience, mainly for the kids.  Setting up is a full day project

Then before everyone shows up, there is the teaching and learning from each other

sometimes it is about making sure equipment is the best it can be for one of the folks that has just begun (Donnie learns so much here)

and sometimes it is about the finer points of the art.  Sometimes it is just about waiting for the heat

So today we will get some time to see what is happening with the visitors but be assured, everyone is welcome even during set up to learn, ask questions and observe.  AND what would a different type of knife show be without a knife display?


It was good to see the boy scouts come along and work on some knives and learn about bladesmithing

Watching Randy help a young man that has been building for a while (about 4 years I think)

Watching them compare their bladesmithing attempts is always fun

Jan Carter said:

With almost 15 years under their belts, the forgers at the Track Rock Hammer In, do more than I think they even realize.

Not only have they inspired many kids and adults to learn this time honored hobby/profession, but they continue to assist those same folks year after year.

I was not able to spend as much time there this time as I normally would have.  Making the most of my time I started to focus on what I saw other than the obvious (watching the kids and smiles).  What I saw was virtually everyone of the seasoned forgers answering requests of "how do you do that?".  The requests were from the newly initiated, including Donnie, and from those that just wanted to polish up a skill with the help of someone they admire the work of.

Even my next project (for the spring show) is planned.  It will be a new kitchen knife from a file.  At least 2 of the seasoned forgers have committed to helping me achieve that goal.

This group of men have expanded this from a bunch of guys just wanting to spend sometime forging together, to a group that brings in folks from the tri-state area to examine their own need to learn.  They are among the men I most admire !

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