Here's another of my yard sale finds from years ago and one of my favorites even though I know very little other than I think it is a true "pen" knife used for sharpening quills. Both blades are marked "Wade Bros-celebrated-cutlery". Both blades are double snap and the handle material appears to be ivory or yellowed bone. The ends I think are silver or perhaps German silver. Under strong magnification one side of the material appears to have very shallow jigging, the other side is perfectly smooth. Over all, the knife is just a bit over two inches. Overall condition is excellent with strong snaps for both blades. Does anyone know about this maker?...was it an American cutlery? How old would this knife be?.  Thank you in advance for any information you are willing to share with me. Have a great weekend!

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I believe you've a "Tuxedo Pen Knife" there.

Very nice OLD knife !!

"Goins lists Wade bros as a trademark of the German firm Theil &...

"Goins lists Wade bros as a trademark of the German firm Theil & Quack. 1866-1890."


"wade bros. celebrated cutlery was made by wester & butz, gebruder weyersberg in elberfeld, germ. and wholesaled c1866-1890."


Consistent dates .. you've an OLD knife there .. nice find !!


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D ale said:

Don- A very nice old beauty you have there !!  As Dale has already said it is a swell center pen knife,often called a Tuxedo,Jenny Lind,Buttercup,or Ladies or Gentlemen's Knife. Wade Bros. knives are considered medium to high as to value depending on the source. On a side note,Theile & Quack was one of many German companies who capitalized on trademarks with names similar to English cutlery companies.In your case, Wade Bros. Celebrated Cutlery sounded very similar to Wade & Butcher of Sheffield, England who also used the word celebrated on some of their cutlery. This practice was somewhat stymied when the U.S. Congress passed an act requiring imports to be stamped with the country of origin in 1890.

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