I know that somewhere here at iKC there was a thread on Advertising Knives.

For the life of me, I can't find it, so I figured I'd start anew.

I got this knife as a freebie with some cigars.  K. Hansotia & Co. manufactures Gurkha cigars.

Comes with a nifty little draw string pouch.

Like I said, it was free, but the company is selling them now. 

Wouldn't think of paying "retail" on it and actually think that a price of around $10.00 is more reasonable...

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Well a Tanto Blade should work very well for the cigars and it is a fine looking knife.  It was a great idea for Gurkha, with the current atmosphere around smoking I beleive they may be the only tobacco product doing this sort of advertising.  They do make one FINE Cigar!

I wish more companies would get back to this form of advertising. Their products would receive better exposure because your more likely to carry around a knife than let's say, a bottle/can opener. And while some companies come and go, their advertising seems to be gathered up by collectors. They collect posters, samples, displays, photos, and all sorts of things. Knives just happen to be our favorite.

Promo items seem to lack the quality that they once had. To be able to find something that will last is a good deal.
CI has an assisted opener and a tactical fixed blade (included in a package deal) in the Gurkha line.
Back in the day, when the tobacco companies included promotional items, I collected a bunch of useful stuff.
Camel always seemed to have the best things, however I still use a lunch bag from Marlboro, to keep sharpening stuff in.
Gonna have to see if I can find any remaining freebies.

I like advertising knives.

I had a peanut once upon a time that was an advertising knife for Carters Peanuts......yeah THAT Carter! LOL!

You so seldom see any give away anymore. I agree though $100 MSRP? Way less Ha, ha!

I met Billy Carter while Jimma was president.  I was living in Topeka KS then.  A local car dealer had Billy in as an advertising promotion.  I had my picture taken with him.  I was holding my son but he refused to look at Billy.  I guess he had better taste than me.

A funny story.  At this same time Billy Carter was selling Billy Beer.  A local radio announcer said, "You better get some now.  This stuff won't last long.  It tastes like it has been recycled through a sick horse!"
Craig Henry said:

I like advertising knives.

I had a peanut once upon a time that was an advertising knife for Carters Peanuts......yeah THAT Carter! LOL!

I found these in 1945 & 1946 Outdoor Life magazines I have. They're not advertising knives but knife advertisements. Pretty cool to see the older stuff in print. If anyone has these they may want an original ad to go with it.

I think there's a Blog Post for old ads. Those are cool!

Here's a few old ones.


Those are fantastic SK! Especially the red one.

Mow those are sweet SK

What a great find! Truly a treasure SK!!


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