Hi Everyone,

We all know the running ads are how iKC helps pay the bills.  These are dealers and manufactures with good reputations that we trust to do right by you and not interfere with discussions.  Help me refine the rules, this is OUR community, not mine.

Right now it is pretty simple.  Ads are available within groups and on the front page.  Advertisement is limited to the ad space and most of our advertisers are people you know as friends within the community, they come on and talk with us about their companies, future plans and knives.  What I ask of them is not to interfere with discussions by talking sale.  This seems to have worked very well.  It has given us all the opportunity to get to know these folks, keep up with their companies and know what is coming...I love this interchange!

Our custom makers put their knives up for us to see and they have a link on their page if anyone wants to contact them about one.  I also love this idea.  It allows us all to get to know makers, their style and in most cases the types of materials they use.  Again, a good many of them have become our fellow knife nuts in the community.

Any sale from either of these types are taken off site and handled directly between the buyer and seller

What I need help with refining is the folks that join just to ask us if we want to buy their knives.  

So share with me your pet advertising peeve and let me see if I can refine the grey area and keep you from feeling like your favorite site is allowing advertisers to "bug" you 

Thanks for the help!



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I myself am a relatively new member of this forum,but no one can say I have not contributed to it. However, my very first post and what drew me to this forum in the first place was a question about my brother's knife which was in an area of collecting I was not well versed in. BTW, never got an answer to the original question, but found a group of fellow knife enthusiasts and friendly folks and the rest is history , so to speak.  A) some new folks may join because they have a question about a cherished heirloom, and may not be knife collectors. I, for one, would be happy to help them free of charge. They may catch the knife bug, or may not. Still, it's the neighborly thing to do.  B) I enjoy researching knives, and have done it a hundred times for others for fun and my own enlightenment  C) I would give knife sellers their own foum for that purpose, charge a fee if they don't have a minimum number of posts. The problem will be if they decide to post " Nice knife" 50 times.

John your story is what I would hope everyone tells.  Even if I didnt get a complete answer, I spent some time with some great knife people

There is no cure for joining just to place and ad for your dads knives..  (something that always saddens me by the way)

I am proud that we have a community willing to help and show that kindness

Knife makers will have their own group by the weeks end.  I just have to solidfy the rules and disclaimers

Well it is done!  Thank you to everyone for helping me make this change work for our community

Knifemakers, welcome to the ability to connect for sales within our community. The custom makers group is now custom knives and sales.

The rules and disclaimer are here.  I hope everyone reads them, any thoughts about the rules are appreciated





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