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Trying to find information on this knife. Can't find anything like it online. Some fixed blades by the same knife maker but no folders. If anyone's knows something about it I would love to read about it. Thanks!

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Lol! Couldn't find out how to post photos with it? I guess I'll have to finish this when I'm at my computer


Awesome folder!  We recently ran an article on these knives in KNIFE Magazine.  Yours appears to be a beautiful example.  This pattern is called a "Traditional English Jack", and you can see a number of examples of it by different makers in the December 2017 of the magazine.  Alfred  Williams is a very well documented maker, so you should easily find a good amount of information on them in any knife collector book or online.  Hope this helps you out a bit!

Thank you Bryan, I knew I had read it but I could not remember what month it was in!

Interesting, thanks for the help! Any idea what the value of something like this is and if there's a market for it? I'm not much of a collector and a recent college grad who could use the money haha. 

Hi Lazar.  I may be interested!  I'll send you a friend request and we can chat.  Thanks!

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