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The purpose of this discussion is to try to identify all of the Rough Riders Knives past, present and Future.   I've only got around a 100 of the 1000 or more Riders out there.  Most of those are currently at my Rough Rider Reviews  web page. See (http://blindkat.hegewisch.net/RRR/).

Let's try and fill it in.

These are the series and handle material I  know of:

A Stroke of Luck

Abalone, Imitation

Anber Bone

Armour Hide

Arrowhead (Brian Yellowhorse)

Battle Axe

Black Pearl

Brotherhood (Vitenam, now also  Iraqi Freedom, Desert Storm, and Enduring Freedom)

Cherokee Feather Series (Original Synth Turquoise)

Coal Miner

For The Cause (Breast Cancer)

For the Cause (Heart Disease)

Gunstock bone (checkered bone)

Heavy Hunter (mostly fixed blades)

Long Rifle

Man Knives (Prostate Cancer)


Ocean Fire (Red Pearl)

Ocean wave (Blue Pearl)

Old Yellow

Once in a Blue Moon


Red Bone


Saigon Sidekick (Fixed blade, tomahawk)

Sawcut Bone

Silver Select (first series - Pearl/Abalone)

Silver Select (Second series, white bone)

Stag (first Release)

Stag (Second Release)

Stag bone

Toad Sticker Series (three melon testers)

Tobacco Smooth Bone (chess piece shield, not outdoorsman)

Tortoise Shell

Trapper Series

White Pearl

White smooth bone

Any one of others

See also the attached pdf files of the earliest Rough Rider Knives.






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Thanks so much for starting this discussion.  I've just started collecting RR knives and the list and pictures will be really useful!  I'm currently carrying two: the Armor Hide Canoe and the small Black Bone Stockman (love the filework on that one!).  Next week will probably be different. ;-)


Over the years, they've had 15 - 16 different whittler patterns.

great discussion and lets see if we can come up with the rest!

The locking canoe lockbacks were whittlers

RR 1077 --Amber Jigged Bone

RR 1078  --Outdoorsman (tabacco smooth bone with acorn shield)

RR 1079 -- Yellow Composition

RR 1076 -- Red Jigged Bone

Five Five inch toothpicks from some of the more popular series

RR526 -- Sawcut bone

RR917 -- Stoneworx

RR711 -- Rifleman

RR1059 -- A Stroke of Luck

RR731 -- Long Rifle

I've got most of the whitlers.  Think I'm missing 2.


Bark pearl and imitation malachite are a couple I have that are not on your list

They made a Bowie series in sawcut bone. It had a bowie for the shield

Lemonade and hot pink series

Billy Oneale said:

Bark pearl and imitation malachite are a couple I have that are not on your list

Then there are the three Dive Knives

RR 1191 is the Orca.  I own that one.

The other two are:

  • RR1189 Blue Shark Dive Knife(modified spear blade w/ line cutter )
  • RR 1190 Shark Dive Knife (modified spear blade w/ line cutter and saw-tooth spine)

The Malechite knives come in a Green "Synth Stone" box.  I have the peanut in that series

RR  911 Stoneworx

RR  794 Arrowhead  (B. Yellowhorse)

RR  663 Stag, Second Series

RR  237 Black Pearl

RR 682 Malechite Synth Stone

RR   478 Sawcut Bone


White River Knives

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