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The purpose of this discussion is to try to identify all of the Rough Riders Knives past, present and Future.   I've only got around a 100 of the 1000 or more Riders out there.  Most of those are currently at my Rough Rider Reviews  web page. See (http://blindkat.hegewisch.net/RRR/).

Let's try and fill it in.

These are the series and handle material I  know of:

A Stroke of Luck

Abalone, Imitation

Anber Bone

Armour Hide

Arrowhead (Brian Yellowhorse)

Battle Axe

Black Pearl

Brotherhood (Vitenam, now also  Iraqi Freedom, Desert Storm, and Enduring Freedom)

Cherokee Feather Series (Original Synth Turquoise)

Coal Miner

For The Cause (Breast Cancer)

For the Cause (Heart Disease)

Gunstock bone (checkered bone)

Heavy Hunter (mostly fixed blades)

Long Rifle

Man Knives (Prostate Cancer)


Ocean Fire (Red Pearl)

Ocean wave (Blue Pearl)

Old Yellow

Once in a Blue Moon


Red Bone


Saigon Sidekick (Fixed blade, tomahawk)

Sawcut Bone

Silver Select (first series - Pearl/Abalone)

Silver Select (Second series, white bone)

Stag (first Release)

Stag (Second Release)

Stag bone

Toad Sticker Series (three melon testers)

Tobacco Smooth Bone (chess piece shield, not outdoorsman)

Tortoise Shell

Trapper Series

White Pearl

White smooth bone

Any one of others

See also the attached pdf files of the earliest Rough Rider Knives.






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Okay, it apeears that Rough Rider has released  some new stoneworx knives now with a  blade etch and new stone configuration

Tiny Toothpick - RR1420

3 inch Leg knife - RR1417

3 7/8 in stockman - RR1419

Standard Trapper - RR1418

If I'm correct the numbering means 14- year 2014, and knives 18-20 for this year.  I'm not sure what box they will show up in.  but that brings the number up to 19 in different knives in the Stoneworx line.

Now if they would only re-release the large toothpick in new stones and maybe add the camp knife to the stoneworx line!

There are five knives in the Moonshiner Series (I have two)  I believe the series was only issued twice, with the first run being 1,250.  These had a lighter color corncob jig handle.  The second time around the corncob was darker.  Both releases featured the knife coming in a wooden barrel with etching and a small two ounce flask.  The barrel came in a plain white box.

I have a first release Sowbelly and second Release Canoe.

Number for all five Moonshiner knives:

Muskrat - RR867

Sowbelly -  RR871

Congress -  RR868

Trapper - RR870

Canoe -   RR869

Now if Rough Rider would add their camp knife to the line!

This is a list of the the Rough Rider Fixed Blades that I know of.  I know there is also at least one more but I can't find the info.  How do i know there is at least one more.  Because it was one I was thinking about buying.  It was a wide bellied skinner with a kraton like black handle.

Rough Rider Number Name Details
 RR 037  20th Aniv. Smoky Mtn Toothpick  (Black rubberized synth w/shield)
 RR 090    Bird & Trout  (Stag)
 RR 176   Drop Point Hunter (Burl Wood Handle)
RR 225  Patrick Henry Bowie
RR 395  V44 Raider Bowie
RR 395 X  V44 Raider Bowie Seconds
RR 470  Teddy Roosevelt Bowie  
RR 489   Throwing knife w/ Micarta  hanlde  (9 ¼ blade 14 in overall)
 RR 545  Throwing knife set (six knives  all slightly different)
 RR 609  Long Rifle Wide Belly Skinner
 RR 611  Long Rifle fixed blade set  (skinner and patch knife)
 RR 626   20th Aniv. Smoky Mtn Toothpick  (Stacked Leather)
 RR 776  Ulu Skinner (Zebra Wood Handle)
 RR 829  Caping knife  6 5/8 in  (Black Checkered bone handle)
 RR 844  Hunter (Burl Wood Handle) 10 inch
 RR 849   7 ¾ inch Brown Wood Fixed Blade Has a black lanyard
 RR 850  Mountain Man Bowie  
 RR 850 E  Mountain Man Bowie  w/ Blade Etch
 RR 851  Great Alaskan Ulu Blade etch Great Alaskan Ulu
 RR 1009  Black Pakkawood Small Hunter
RR 1022  Finger Groove Bowie    (8 ½ in blade 14 in overall)
 RR 1033  Bird & Trout  (Amber Jigged)
 RR 1034 Bird & Trout  (Yellow Comp)
 RR 1093 Saigon Sidekick  Survival Knife  (Stacked Leather)
 RR 1094  Saigon Sidekick II Combat Axe (Stacked Leather)
RR 1128  Paratrooper Bowie  (El Salvador 1070 Carbon Steel)
 RR 1189  Blue Shark Dive Knife Magnetic pommel
 RR 1190  Shark Dive Knife Magnetic pommel
 RR 1191  Orca Dive Knife Magnetic pommel
 RR 1236  Mini Neck Knife  (Brown Stag Bone)
 RR 1237  Mini Neck knife (ARR (Arrowhead - B. Yellowhorse)
 RR 1238  Mini Neck Knife  (Stoneworx)
 RR 1240  Rough Rider Ceramic Paring knife   (Pink grip For the Cause)
 RR 1242  Hunters Buddy Clip Point  (Pakistan)
 RR 1243  Hunters Buddy Modified Clip Point  (Pakistan)
RR 1244  Hunters Buddy Set   (Pakistan)
RR 1245  Hunter Buddy Upswept Skinner  (Pakistan)
 RR 1278  Tobacco Bone Patch Knife (Outdoorsman Series) 6 ¾ inches overall
 RR 1344  HHS - Bowie Heavy Hunter Series 
 RR 1345 HHS - Amigo Boot knife Heavy Hunter Series 
 RR 1346 HHS - Rogue Heavy Hunter Series 
 RR 1347 HHS - Caribou Heavy Hunter Series 
 RR 1348 HHS - Skinner Heavy Hunter Series 
 RR 1349  HHS - Sidewinder Heavy Hunter Series 
 RR 1350 HHS - Razorback Heavy Hunter Series 
 RR 1351  HHS - Wolverine B&T Heavy Hunter Series 
 RR 1366  Mustang Fixed blade. Around 6 inches
 RR 1367  Guthook Skinner & Caper Set
RR 1388  100th Aniversary Tarzan Bowie  (9 ¼ blade 14 in overall)
 RR 1394  Stag Bandito Hunter  (Pakistan)
 RR 1395  Black Pakkawood Bandito Hunter  (Pakistan)
 RR 1407  G.I. Toothpick  (stacked leather)
 RR 1432   Stag Junior Hunter  (Pakistan)
 Mi 1942   Rough Rider Shark Skinner Survival Knife One of two with a non RR Number
  Mi 1945  Rough Rider British Commando dagger One of two with a non RR Number

Nine knives  (that I know of were made in Root Beer Celluloid:

RR 1000 Canoe
RR1001 mini Trapper
RR 1002 Copperhead
RR 1003  Muskrat
RR 1004 Stockman (Medium)
RR 1005 - Small Leg
RR1006 - Baby Toothpick
RR 1007 - Congress

RR 1008  Trapper

A couple more fixed blades I missed:

RR 749 USMC Bowie  w/ stacked leather handle

RR 488  11 inch throwing knife w/ micarta handle

The Colt G-10 handled carbon steel knives have been moved over to Rough Rider.
The earliest of these have an interesting factory "defect" that was not caught by QC.
The tang stamp claims stainless steel.

According to SMKW these were the first carbon steel Rough Rider knives made at that particular factory, and the wrong tang stamp was used. They ARE carbon steel, but have the stainless tang stamp. The correct tang stamp is being used now.


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