Since I became host of the Arsenal Group, we have gone from 38 to 91 members.  But I want to see 100 members in the group and to see them post.  So I have decided to run a contest to give away a knife.  The knife is a Smith & Wesson SWLFS "24-7".

When the 100th member joins the group, I will put every member's name that has posted to the group in the previous year (excluding mine of course) in a hat and have someone else draw out the winner's name.  So be sure you have posted to the group in the last year and urge anyone you know who isn't in the group to join and post.

Here are a couple of pictures of the knife.  It is a liner lock with double thumb studs and pocket clip and has never been carried, sharpened, or used.

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Sounds like a great contest Charles and thanks for all your work! Lets get some members!

Great Contest and Great Knife. It seems those last few members to get the 100 mark are the hardest to get. Tobias and I are trying hard to raise members in our groups and it's going slow. Thanks Charles.

Alright Charles.  So many freebies to be had on iKC.  I love it!  Consider me in!

Sounds like a great contest , and great knife to win

OK, I have spent the last couple of hours reviewing the posts in the Arsenal group.  I found that 54 of the 91 members of the group have posted since May 1 of 2013.  That is the cutoff date.  To be eligible to win the knife, you not only have to be a member of the group, you also have to have posted in the group since May 1, 2013.  So that means 37 members of the group need to post to become eligible to win the knife.  Hey guys, I look forward your posts to have a chance at winning the knife!  You have until the 100th member signs up.  The winner's name will then be drawn.  Don't lose out!

Thanks Charlie! 

I do not want to be considered for the drawing since I was lucky enough to have been the appreciative winner of your previous contest. 

Let me see if I can find something nice to help sweeten the pot - 

Thanks again! 



Thanks Andy, I appreciate it.

Looking forward to watching this group grow and a winner be chosen!

ok i think i did this right and joined the group/contest. hi guys by the way....newbie here.

You are entered Jason.   And thanks for joining.

Me and my Arsenal!  Posting again just to make sure I'm entered!

This is a good way to grow a group and all have fun in the process. I know I haven't posted in a while but thanks to everyone.


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