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Anyone into Spyderco knives anymore?show me your all time favorite!

Show me your favorite Spyderco knive or knives. Im planning on buying myself a spyderco for the 1st time and i was planning to buy a Spyderco Persistence G-10 handles. Any info you would like too share about spyderco is appreciated too. thanks for your time.


What ever happend to the spyderco group ?? havent been on ikc for a while.

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I love the delica 4. awesome edc blade
Hey I don't have a Spyderco yet, but I am planning on picking up the Persistence as well. Seems like a real nice knife to carry.
Hey Richard. Lately the Manix 2, the Chicago, and the Enduras in the colored handles have caught my eye.
Wow that manix 2 is very nice i want one now... thx for the info Michael let me know how they turn out if u ever get them.

I bought the Spyderco Salt. Impervious to rust and pitting. After I got it you need to send it to them with $20.oo because it is impervious to sharpening except by them. I bought a Persistence-----lot cheaper and you can actually sharpen it. Check the pricing at poor fisherman.com. Mine should be here tomorrow. I will keep my salt as it is still sharp and use my Persistence for my EDC.         

Many of us still carry a Spyderco Richard.I am one of them.My Spydie Military has served me well with a myriad of tasks,some not involving cutting.It holds its edge so well.It is one of my EDC knives and one I carry mostly.


i carry a spydie paramilitary 2 everyday! i wouldn't think of leaving home without it. i will on occasion carry my ti millie, but not that often. i mainly just fondle the millie. the para 2 is a real user!


They are both capable knives Ron.The Ti Mili looks sleek.I carry a full serrated Military Spydercoknife on me50%  as my EDC.My other folder EDC is a Benchmade 5000Auto-Presidio.I will admit the Spyderco has more cutting/slashing capability and I used that on small vines the other day with ease.

Lately the Resillance and the Native.  But I also swap out with the Manix 2 and the Manix 2 XL, what awesome knives, have many more Spydercos but these are the ones I carry the most.  My youngest son carries a Resillance as his patrol knife and loves it.

I think I will go with the Delica she is getting the most pocketknife.

And this is my recent one:

Used to be the Mannix2, then I was given the Yojimbo2, then I was given the Military(too big), then the lighter Blue Mannix2 and the Kiwi. Have to say my favorite to carry is the Kiwi.

Definitely the Delica 4.  Super lightweight and holds a wicked sharp edge.  Plus it comes in really groovy colors.


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