Hello iKC!

Sometimes I just like to check the pulse and see whats going through everyone's mind.  I am not going to announce this one, I think I will leave that up to you all.

So here it is.... From now through May 1, 2019 at midnight Pacific time.  Enter here by saying anything you want AND add the name of the person or group you have shared this contest with.

EVERYONE is eligible 

I am a huge fan of knife magazine so what do you win?  A years subscription to knife magazine.  If you already get the magazine GREAT!  I will extend it a year.  Here we go!!!!!!!!!!!

Time starts NOW!

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I remember Bernard, wow, long time ago, I shared this with the Bandera Tx Gun club

Sorry but I never read it.  I might if i won a subscription but I am not into Custom  made knives.  No I haven't sent it to anyone else.  I figure all those that I know who collect already are members here. Take Care.

Hi Jan,

Please add my name to the list.  I do have a question that might help others.  It is difficult for me to navigate the site.  Is there a tutorial or something I have missed?  I really would like to learn more in the hobby, even though I have been interested in and used knives my entire life.  There is a much larger world out there than I imagined and a lot of history that I would like to learn.  As I have gotten older I find there is a lot of information I have missed.  And even though there are a lot more years behind me than ahead, it ain't too late to learn.  

I have shared this site with several of my friends, but no clubs or organizations.  Hope that qualifies.


Love to have the sub, I'll share this with Ben Mcbride my knife buddy at work

dead_left_knife_guy said:

Paying attention -- that's a very mindful question.  Which brings to mind suffering, & the causes of suffering...  Apologies, this is actually a topic I think about many times a day (but I haven't yet acquired the discipline to meditate everyday).

I shared this post on the Facebook page of North Star Blade Collectors (this is in no way an endorsement of Facebook):  https://www.facebook.com/North-Star-Blade-Collectors-227501170617751/ 

And something else on my mind:  the TOPS / Buck CSAR-T 095 with tool set (my latest acquisition)...

Shared this with some friends from a knife club we use to belong to.. we still stay in contact from time to time with emails. I have a  5 blade sowbelly.  special knife world edition knife with knife world stamped in the blade. It also has their anniversary etched in the blade and shield.  I think it is one of 350 made for knife world. Very nice f&f. Anyone else have one?

NOT an entry, but I wanted to let you know that I've been lurking around lately, just not posting. 


Anything, shared on my FB timeline. Unfortunately paying attention is not one of my strong points but I'll try!

Thanks.. I love this mag ! Shared with Tim Payne

Thanks for that Mr. Marsh! It seems like the credit due is never given to him as being the "Inventor". Certainly same basics with improvements on designs but the same simple machine at the core used all over the world. He was a genius and just glad I have enough brain function to appreciate his work.

Thanks again and have a great day.


Gus Marsh said:

I am tipping my hat to George Schrade, he did so much for the knife industry in the early days. He invented machinery, started companies both in the USA and in Europe. He was born February 13, 1860 in Pennsylvania and died in1940. Almost every switchblade was invented by George, even those in Europe.

Always carry a knife.  Shared with Knife Gods group on fb.

GraciaZ Bozz Lady.  ?Thought You 4got about me??   No Problem.  Haha, NO Angel.

Jan Carter said:

I hear you Michael, I am still trying to work out the costly shipping to Canada.  :)  You are an angel!

Michael D. Mitchell said:

 I've been a Subscriber since the 1980's, When it was "Knife World" and Bernard Levine, would give you an

Estimate/Value for FREE.


P.S.,  I STILL have them ALL........ (Bozz Lady).

Shared this on TWITTER.

I just renewed my KNIFE magazine subscription for two years. Not gonna let it run out on me any time soon!

BTW, I just got my MAY issue, and there are some great articles written by Neal Punchard, Scott Decker, and Steven Dick.

Check it out!

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