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After I got my Shapton Glass Stones, I put my Arkansas stones in my truck. I carried them around and used them when I needed something while at work, hunting or where ever.
Now a few weeks ago, my son wanted me to get him a good defensive knife to have while he is in college. Knowing he would need a set of stones to keep it sharp, I ordered a tri stone set with a black stone for me, and sent my old set with him.
I have to say, the Black Arkansas Stone leaves a great edge. It's not toothy like the Hard White Stone. I've used it with water and with oil and have gotten good results with both.
I'm not sure If this link will work, this is the one I got. If anyone is interested I think it would be a good buy.

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Off to college with good sharpening skills and a set of good stones.  Bet he teaches a person or two to sharpen while there.  That is not a bad deal at all on those stones!

Jan, he has paid very little attention to sharpening. He has done it a little but to get good he will need a lot of practice. This is the knife I got himhttp://www.knifeworks.com/crktcrawfordnatural2aococobolowoodhandleoutburstplain.aspx
It's a built like a tank, and can be used for blunt force trauma as well as stabbing. The handle is a little small, but over all it's pretty good.


That knife looks like it will take some abuse, which will probably be necessary, as kids (and even adults) will use a knife that is handy rather than a proper tool - use as a screwdriver, prybar, scraper, etc.  8CR13MOV steel sounds to me like a reasonable option.  Luckily, he'll have dad to bring it back to sharp on breaks from college.  I like the Case Tri-hone set, but nothing takes the place of practice.


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