As we say goodbye to 2013 and it begins its final week, I can’t help but think of all that happened in our world

TSA “almost” allowed knives back on planes

A magistrate judge has been assigned to begin discovery from the City and DA Vance in NYC knife laws, and the fight continues

Boston proposed a new license for selling knives over 2 inches

Indiana, Missouri, Texas, Alaska, Tennessee all repealed the antiquated switchblade laws

In News outside of the knife world


A bombing in Boston

A New Pope

A Royal birth

Snow fell on Egypt


Some things we may not have heard about


Marine Lance Cpl. Myles was just "doing the right thing" when he dropped back in a 5k race to run with a boy who had become separated from his group.

For the first time in 26 years Baby Giant Panda TWINS were born in the US


Here on iKC


We lost some friends that passed too soon, even those not unexpected saddened us

We watched over and prayed as friends said good bye to family and loved ones

We met many new friends, saw new knives and celebrated Birthdays, Anniversaries and the births of many including Henry Hanner


For us personally it was a year of joy, loss and iKC.  This is my place to unwind, to meet my friends around the world for coffee in the morning and talk of knives.  It is where I come after work to catch up, see who got a new knife and who added what to their wish list.  I have learned more here than any single place I can think of.  Thank you for being a part of this journey with us, for inviting us into your homes and lives.




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I agree and I am awfully happy to hear you are experiencing growth also.  Knife manufacturing is a noble craft and is fighting to stay alive here in our country.  From the small boutique cutlers to our few major manufactures, I do wish them great successes in 2014.

Someone asked me the other day Michael what makes us different than the Forums around the net, I only ever have one answer to that, it is our members.  They are ones that make iKC great!

Thanks Jan for all that you do for the site and knife collecting and making people feel very welcome here. I don't post much but do read a lot of what is going on. Happy New Year to all and remember to keep hunting for that special knife and helping others to find theirs. Mike 

Well while 2013 is in the closing stages here, I just want to say how much I have enjoyed iKnife Collector, since I joined in 2009. We have lost many friends during that time and I do miss them. They were all so much fun to be around and talk to. One of the things I liked best was being able to watch KnivesLive TV together and although we did not have a lot of time to do it, we stayed with it until the very end. I just appreciate all the people that took part in that, the games we played and the knives we exchanged was so much fun.

Knife Collecting is a great hobby and as we turn the page on 2013, I only see good things ahead for iKnife Collector. We are hard at work doing so many things to get the word out and continue to attract new members, gain new experience and see some great knives that in and of itself its almost a full time job today.

I sincerely appreciate so many folks who do support us and are actively helping us. Lets get ready for a great year ahead which is filled with excitement!  Happy New Year 2014!

Tonight Cass and I will be living it up! We'll be sinnting in front of the tv watching the special Fox News New Year's Eve special......like a couple of old farts! Oh, wait, we ARE a couple of old farts! LOL!!!

Farewell 2013 ~ Hello 2014!

Another year in the history books. And I'm just grateful to still be fogging up the mirror and residing north of the grass. For a kid who never thought he'd live to see 20, I am now looking forward to turning 68 years of age in 2014. Ouch!

Having devoted my life to the "Live fast, die young, and leave a good looking corpse" philosophy, I can now appreciate that I might have overshot the mark...just a little. Ha! The corpse will not be good looking! *chuckle* But it will have found peace and contentment, if nothing else.

I am happy and grateful to have a warm, accommodating place to come to each day and share my new found passion for knives with like-minded individuals ~ Fellow knife knuts, like myself.

I am also thankful that a lady with a vision has taken the helm of our ship and guided us on to an even greater adventure than we had previously known here at iKC. Thank you, Miss Jan Carter, for guiding us into a greater appreciation for knives and a renewed enthusiasm for our meeting place here at iKnife Collector!

2014 here we come! Onward and upward! 

iKC, you are cleared for takeoff! 2014 up up and awaaaaay!

And away we go. Up Up and away.

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