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I have had this knife for quite awhile and have been unable to find who manufactured it. The tang stamp is SPB with number 156 below it the blade is etched BIG CHIEF.

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Vance, If you look closer at he tang stamp, it more likely reads SFB 156-- Found several listings on the web for this model  knife and a few others with the SFB and a different model number. Still haven't found out what SFB stands for, but it is a Japanese knife Co. Even found the same knife with the same model number that was imported  by York Cutlery Co. of York, PA  and marked under their own name-- YCC 156-- Just to give you a general idea  of the vintage, York Cutlery Co. was started in the early 1950's as a knife import company-- Originally, they imported their knives from Germany, and later on started importing knives from Japan.

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