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a lot of these places won't ship to us :(

So tell us have you shopped for a knife on Black Friday?

It is Black Saturday!
I remember, as a boy, going to my stocking and working through all of the stuff on top--candy, nuts, socks (wierd, I know) to get to the special something at the bottom.  My folks would always put something I would love at the bottom.  That is the kind of stuff we carry at KnivesShipFree.
Today and tomorrow, we are going to focus on some great gift ideas for Christmas.  Today, it is stocking stuffers.
All of these are high value and high impact items.  They will wow the knife person.
There is a coupon code at the bottom of this email that will make the prices on all of these irresistable!   You have been warned. :)
ON Saturday TOO!!
This whole category is high impact with unbeatable prices.  We combed through the back of our store looking for knives that were not up on the website.  We found a lot of cool stuff.  We searched the web to find the best prices on the same items and beat them.
Then of course, you should check out the other cool stuff we have...
The PSK is an extremely useful, pocket sized fixed blade.
I have been using one of these for several years now and I am continually surprised how much I like it.  It disappears in a pocket sheath or on your belt, but whatever job you find for it, it does.
I remember fondly sitting on my grandfather's porch receiving slices of apple right off the end of his patinaed up pocket knife.
I remember it like it was yesterday.
The BEST pocket knives in the world come from Great Eastern Cutlery (except customs, of course).  Their work is second to none.
While I have carried hundreds of knives, the ones I consistently take out and admire as well as use are traditional pocket knives.
As always, you can get a free pocket sheath if you buy more than one on the same order.  :)

All knives should be sharp.
If you are a knife guy (or have him on your Christmas list), you can always have a hit with sharpening tools.
We have a few of the new Bark River sharpening CBN sharpening kits.  They will sharpen even the most difficult, abrasion resistant knives.
Can't find anything else to suit you?  Try this - $10 off any order over $100.  Use the code
Remember only one coupon code per order.  Thanksgiving deal excludes Shun Knives.
I'll catch you next week!
Derrick and Wendy Bohn

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