The Blade Show has officially ended.  This is possibly the first time I have left this show with mixed feelings. Great show, new knives, companies with awesome plans for the future.  The bottom line of any knife show is to focus first and foremost on these things.

Even before you go through the doors you are greeted by Knife Clubs.  Flint River Knife Club is one of the most active I know of.  If you are in the area near enough I suggest you visit a meeting.  They usually have a number of things going on, including the raffle for this knife.  A collaboration of 2 forged in fire winners .  Cross your fingers that I won this one please :)

Once inside my first stop was Great Eastern Knives.  Although new patterns were not the focus this year for GEC,bringing back some long sought after patterns certainly was.  For the GEC collector the reemergence of the whaler and the outstanding materials they used on them brought a WOW factor to 2018.  As always the warm welcoming atmosphere at this booth draws in the folks walking through the show

Just around the corner is a company that never stops offering the newest steels! The mule team line is one of my favorites.  It allows the Spyderco customers the opportunity to try new steels with a minimum investment.  Stayed tuned for a little more abut this line, one iKC member will be the new owner of one of these. Of course, there were Blade show specials!

The booth taking up the corner in this area of the show is always a stop for virtually every Blade Show attendee.  SMKW offers just about any style and name of knife you could be looking for but the new exclusive from Esee is what all the buzz at this booth was about today.  The JG5 was designed by James Gibson.  Inspired by adventurer, writer,conservationist George Washington Sears.  Better known to most of us as Nessmuk!

1095 with black oxide coating, micarta handles and a full tang this wide belly curved skinner is going to be a winner!  


Just a few steps down that same isle and you will find Battle Horse knives. The booth always stands out but it is the knives and the leather produced by this company that continue to be sought after.

A little father down this isle is one of my favorite family owned & operated companies. White River knives really get what it takes to have a company dedicated to the outdoor side of knifing.  For this company steels, usability and building a knife to last a lifetime or beyond are key.

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