Does anyone know how many of these knives were produced? I have seen some of these in the high 5000 range. I recently acquired serial number 36 along with the matching belt buckle.

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Sorry guys, I see now I posted in the wrong area. New at this.

James, you did fine !  Looking for some info now

Can you provide us a pic?

James- I have been hunting for several days now-It appears Boker was very mum about how many of their limited edition (serialized) anniversary knives they produced-Boker produced 125th Anniversary knives for 4 years with the 125th Anniversary shield and many variations of serialized Anniversary knives and in many combinations- By chance, I think I came across your knife in an ebay auction- Is it by chance a  Boker 125th Anniversary Barlow and Belt Buckle  combo?? They produced that knife as a knife/belt buckle set, a knife/medallion set, and I believe the knife sold by itself with a pouch. I know that they were beyond 5000 sets, but no one mentions how many were actually made. Sometimes advertised as natural wood and sometimes as chestnut wood. A low serial number is never a bad thing, but I suspect probably at least 7500 if not more-- BTW,  if this your knife?? Just to be sure-

It's Official! Old age has crept up on me.... I had one of those 125th knives ... do you think I can find it (???)

It may be buried some where but I now suspect I may have sold it. I remember it as quite a lightly constructed knife not something you'd use for anything tougher than opening a letter. Mine came in a velvet sack/pouch nothing else no box, buckle or medallion and I cannot recall a serial number.

Now ... what's my name? ... what day is it?  :-) )

LOL Derek, I know that feeling well

I don't know if this helps you or not but it may be a clue. I have an old Boker sales flyer from 1996 that lists their commemorative knives from the prior 4 years. their 125th anniversary was in 1994, but in 1996 they still had some of the barlow knives available.

Pattern 125 was just the barlow knife alone, while pattern 125B was the knife and belt buckle combo. By 1996 the knife & buckle combo was sold out. It originally had a MSRP of $59.95 while the barlow alone was listed at $39.95.

It's the one I gothink with the belt buckle serial number 36. I have two others. One is just the knife while the other is the knife in the velvet pouch and box. The one in the box I gave to my son.

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