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Since I'm new to iKC, I believe I posted thisa discussion under the wrong category, so I will try again.

Thanks to those who sent welcoming messages. As I indicated in my profile, I am not a collector. I just have a few knives with some sentimental value to me.

One is a Camco Camp Knife. Quite honestly I do not remember when I got this knife. It was probably when I was a Boy Scout in the early '50s. The knife is not stamped 450 on the blade, so I'm not sure if it is a 450 or 410. Other than the 450 stamped on the blade, I don't know if there is a difference in the two knives. 

The knife has been in my tool box for a long time and occasionally I would use it. The other day I picked it up and realized the bolsters, springs, bolster linings and some of the blades had rusted. I also noticed the handles had shrunk and actually cracked. After cleaning the knife up, I decided to do some research about replacing the handles. That is how I came across IKNIFE COLLECTORS.

After doing a Goggle search, I came across a discussion on iKC by Tobias Gibson in May 2013 about the Camco 450. In  his discussion, Tobias mentions the celluloid handles are prone to shrinking. He further mentions if the knife is in good condition it is a good candidate for re-handling.

After all this, I'm wondering what is involved in replacing the handles? I believe the handles can be pryed off the pins at the bolster ends, but the pin through the bolster linings, side center scales, springs and center scale has been peened on both ends. Would that pin need to be replaced? If so, where can the pin be obtained? Also, where can replacement handles be obtained? I guess I would prefer to keep the knife nearly original, but then I am open to suggestions. 

Any advice on my project will be greatly appreciated.

Jerry Johnson 

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Great work in letting us know what you have and what your looking to do!  Just to be sure we are all on the same page can you post some pics? I am very glad you found us and yes Tobias is awesome in his research on the Camco's.  In the meantime, this might actually be the info you are looking for.  As to scales, you can get them anywhere, use the ones you have as a pattern and sand them to fit. I might suggest a micarta as they come fairly thin and flat BUT wear a mask when you sand and work with them!!!!! https://popsknife.supplies/collections/micarta-phenolic-handle-mate...


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