Is there any love (like) for Eye Brand knives?

I always liked them and always used to have some in my collection many moons ago. At one time I used to carry a small 3", single blade lockback stag handled Canoe. And I really like that knife. In fact I've always been surprised that there hasn't been a regular group for Eye Brand. Well I like them anywho.

These are not mine. These are from newgraham.com A very good dealer, by the way.

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I do like the Eye brand, well made with good materials.  You just dont see too many of them...I dont know why

So what do you all think, why dont we see more of this brand around?

Yeah, it seems like Boker has pretty much taken over the German made knife market over the years. I can remember days when a lot of guys were buying Eye Brand. 

All I know is Schlieper should be pronounced Sch LEEP er.  When the Germans use IE or EI, you always pronounce the second letter.  I also know it is a very old brand that has been around a long time.  I think I might have one Eye Brand knife but it is suspect.

There's a good many Eye Brand knives out there. So I guess SOMEONE is buying them. I might get one sometime....it'll be like a homecoming.

I was looking through my knives and found 3 Eye Brand knives.

One is a 3.5 inch 3 blade stockman with bone handles and in stainless.

One is a large 4.25 inch 3 blade stockman with yellow delrin handles and carbon steel.

The last one is an old sodbuster pattern with about half the blade used up and stamped

DRG(Democratic Republic Germany). Sorry no pic.


Those German Eye Brand knives are great knives. I have a friend who has a few.

I'm just beginning reading about Eye Brand-Carl Schlieper Knives.  I hear the pre-1990 knives are excellent. Tempted to purchase one from the 40's-70's. Have to make sure the knife walks and talks well. I'm a knife user.



Last year the knife world lost an authority on the German Eye Brand knives, Carl Risner.  You can read about it here on his grandsons website. Austin was always destined to take over the business and is doing a fine job.  He is also a member here.

You are looking at an interesting era in Eye Brand and I have to say 40-60 is one of my favorite times for that company.  They produced such very traditional knives with exceptional quality

Purchased in 1967 while in the military, it's been around a long time and still serving me well while hunting or camping. Razor sharp.Not the original sheath.


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