"The Case Humpback is well equipped for the everyday user, but with an antique look and mystique that hearkens back to the earliest days in American knife making. The Humpback Whittler(046WH) was introduced sometime prior to 1915 by W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company. At that time, this pattern was made with either a Spear or Clip master blade with the secondary blade configuration that varied from knife to knife. Case redesigned this vintage pattern in 2009 based on the "Tested Era" Humpback knife. The new Humpback Whittler features three backsprings with a Spear master blade, and secondary Spey and Pen blades. The Stockman version is built on two backsprings, with Spear, Sheepfoot and Spey blades."

Who else likes the Humpback? 

Got pictures of yours?

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Just in............

Red Second Cut Stag 2010

I can't remember if I ever posted this here. I did a search first and I couldn't find my picture anywhere.

Anyway, here's a Quality Test Run 63046 that I acquired a few years ago. It has the 2008 tang stamp because it's a test run that was made before regular production began in 2009.

According to the COA, Case never sold any Quality Test Run knives to the general public.

I asked Case some questions about my knife and I found out that the Quality Test Run program began in 1997 with the 61549L and ran through 2008 with the 63046. Teal Bone is the only handle material ever used on the QTR knives.

What I like so much about this knife is that there are no markings to identify it as a QTR knife. Only the Teal Bone, the date stamp on the tang, and the COA. Makes sense considering they weren't sold and  therefore not aimed at collectors.


Here's an open blade picture. The other side of the blades also have no etch or markings. I like that because when I show the knife to people the fact that it's a QTR knife can be my little secret. Or not. It's completely up to me unless the person is a Case expert.

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