I picked this knife up last week. Was laying in a old tool chest I purchased. So a
Bonus I guess. I automatically wanted to learn more about it. So went to W.R.Case website.I really didn't learn much there. The tang is stamped CASE Bradford Pa on one side. The other side is stamped CASE'S TESTED XX. Was it common to have a knife
Stamped on both sides? This made it hard for me to date the knife. The sheath is a little rough but in good usable shape. I have had fun studying this piece. Would be greatful for any information on this knife. Thank you

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For fixed blade knives the CASE over BRADFORD, PA. tang stamp was used until 1932.  The CASE'S over TESTED XX was used from 1932 to 1940.  So could that mean the knife was made in 1932?

Joe,what a nice score !!- I can provide you with a little bit of info on your knife. The only other example of this knife I could find so far is in Jim Sargent's " American Premium Guide To Knives & Razors" 5th edition.The bottom knife on page 240 of the book shows the same knife with the same tang stamps.Verbatim description is as follows--"'Rogers bone,81/4",Case Brad.,PA,back tang, Case's Tested XX; $300."This book was published in 1999, to give you an idea of the considered value back then. I would assume the value has increased since then. The knife pictured in the book was in better shape, having only minor pitting & discoloration, but it was not mint. The knife was part of the collection of Elmer Kirkland,an avid collector of Case knives, who has unfortunately since passed on.I would guess that Charles assessment of the date is probably right. Probably the tang stamps were in the transition period from one to the other. Case was bad about putting model numbers on their fixed blades, so that is still to be determined. If I can find further info I will pass it on to you. I would guess that you have a pretty rare old Case, and probably worth a couple hundred dollars in its present condition -WOW !!

Thank you Charles and John for the information. I have grown fond of this knife. I really like the look and the feel. Handle could be a half to three quarters of a inch longer. I want to use it for this up coming hunting season.

Excellent find!

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