As some of you may know, I recently too over my day's classy knife collection. I have sold a few on eBay, sold one to Jan (which she seems very happy about) & am shipping some off to go to auction.

I am looking to sell about (10) here. Probably 4-5 Case, 4-5 S&M and 1 American Marbles and 1 Randall.

If anyone is interested, please send me a message and I will lt you know what I have. Will try to add some photos tomorrow of the knives that will be for sale here.

Thanks everyone, especially Jan. Jan has been nothing but helpful since I joined.

Derek B. Cooper

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Looking forward to the pics, cant wait to see whats on sale!

Could I see pictures please


Hey DB Cooper,

I'd like to see pictures of the Randall. You can email them to me at:


Michael Roper

here's my email

I'd be most interested in the Randall.

I like the Model 14 and 18 but will consider others.

Thanks, Mike

interested in whatever you have bud!


Any case fixed blades?

good evening i am looking for a schatt&morgan #99 single indian river jack sfo for knives ship free. looking for gec boys knife single spear with ebony handles .thanks

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