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Jigged Buffalo Horn

Worm Groove Moss Brown

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Amazon addition, Dennis.

Thanks JJ.  I think I will be able to attempt some pics of the next one this weekend.

Here's the latest one to be added to the collection (now numbering 48).  It started out in life as a 2013 jigged bone model, but was modified by Santa Fe Stoneworks with black lip mother of pearl and abalone covers.  Absolutely no way to capture the chatoyancy and color variations of the mother of pearl in a picture (and I am terrible at taking videos!!)  Trust me, it is stunning in person.

I trust you on the stunning part. Beautiful piece.

It seems that the three blades are for small work.  If the larger blade was a sheepsfoot blade it couldn't do the tiny cuts the large blade shown here can. 

Paul S 

OK, stunning doesn't even begin to describe this one!

This is becoming addicting.  Who am I kidding ... I have been addicted since Craig started this thread in 2016!!!!  Have one of the soon to be released 2020 chocolate, brown and red Richlite seahorses on pre-order.  Jury is still out on whether or not I will like this one, but, am hoping for a positive verdict!

Well .... the 2021 Richlite arrived yesterday.  Not overly excited with this one for a couple reasons.  First, the cover material really isn't my cup of tea.  Richlite is like paper micarta ... but made from recycled paper and resin.  Secondly, I am continually dismayed at Case's quality.  Now, I do expect the occasional blade rub with a three blade whittler.  But, kind of get tired of having to work on so many new Cases to remove those rubs or correct wonky blade grinds.  I would gladly pay GEC prices for a Case .... if the Case came with GEC quality!  On the other hand, it IS a three blade whittler ... so I will happily add it to the collection!!

Looks like pakka wood. I stopped collecting Case years ago for the inconsistency issue.  I do have to say they have gotten better ?

I realize that with the volume of knives Case produces, something has to give at this price point .... but I would gladly pay more for a more refined product.  That said, still love the seahorse!!

I didn't think you would be too excited about that cover material when I saw it come out, but it is a Seahorse of course :)

Jan Carter said:

Looks like pakka wood. I stopped collecting Case years ago for the inconsistency issue.  I do have to say they have gotten better ?

It does look like something out of Frost.


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