CASE TRAPPER -can you tell me whats wrong with this knife??-DISCUSSION 3.

here we have a what is supposed to be a Case Trapper. besides saying its been carried the seller is saying it 100% REAL.


their are a few things very obviously not 100% about this knife. please can you tell me?


this is DISCUSSION 3 of many that i will start. hopefully everyone is very active{hint} in helping teach me and others what is wrong with this knife and if you could even go as far as to explain how what is wrong GOT THAT WAY??

i setup a 2nd discussion which was only 3 of the same tang stamps.might not seem like much but you might want to stop in their and drop off your comments.{last hint}..lol}

lets learn ... and have some fun..... CASE FANS WILL KNOCK THIS ONE RIGHT OUT!!! 

cant see much of it but take a look at even what you can see of the second tang stamp...lol 



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I'm not a big Case expert but isn't the dots in the wrong place.

Something on that stamp does not look right to me, the way its written, the spacing everything does not look right!

Definitely a bogus tang stamp.

I don't know much about Case knives. But here's what looks suspicous to me:

The Stamp looks double stamped on the tang

The Stamp isn't straight

The dotted line is all over the place, The spacing of the dots isn't regular nor is the line straight and the line doesn't go all the way to the left

The rough part on the tang indicates that at least PART of the tang was reground and they missed/skipped that little part of it.

The lettering on the shield doesn't look right to me.

Definitely something weird about the tang stamp. There are only supposed to have 5 dots on either side of the "SS" and it appears that the dots are also too close to the "SS".  I could be wrong, but I would put its Mfg date around 1985. That is if it is not a knock-off. 

I also think something is wrong with the blade itself. The nail pull, the grind, little or no swedge, the whole blade looks like a plain jane, and all wrong.

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