Maybe this should be discussed somewhere else but I'll start here

Simply put, do you collect club knives that are issued by cutlery groups?

If yes: Why?

If no:  Why not?

This doesn't refer to IKC club knives or any other particular club. It refers to the general practice of collecting any Knife Club's knife.

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Good discussion Toby!  

Hmmm, I've bought club knives in the dark distant past. 

If yes: Why? -  Because I had to. LOL! I was in upper management of our local club. I did buy some of the first NKCA knives, then stopped. 

If no:  Why not? -  Because I like "everyday using knives". My opinion is, that's what knives are all about. If I want a Whiz Bang knife made by Joe Blowhard Cutlery Company, I only want their markings and such on it. I'm not sure I can explain how I feel clearly enough.

And, since my money is short.....too short.....I want to spend it on my "using knives". I know, I know, club knives can be used, but.........

I only the  collect  Sharpfan Group knife. I have a fondness for that group , a member introduced me to this fine site. I should look in to more particular collecting. I might find the same type of opportunites such as a getting a complete set ,with my number

Yes, when I can afford it, but mainly knives from Sharpfans, iKC and the Case and Remington Collectors clubs. I bought one from NKCA a couple of years ago. Why, I just feel it is part of being a member of the club or group, except for Remington and Case. Those two are knives I collect anyway. IKC has been using GEC which is my favorite brand of pocket knives and Sharpfans are using Queen which is also one of my favorite brands.

Of course we have all the iKC.  But before that we bought the Fort City ones that Case did in the Classic lines

we bought the first few years of the case collector club knives when we first joined...the senior and jr....but just stopped after a few years and opted for ones we really liked instead 

I only have the first Sharpfan knife.  Opted out of additionals because of the mistakes made on the first couple. 

Proud owner of all 3 iKC knives...

I have just the one IKC 2012 club knife. Like Craig said, I like to use my knives and if I buy a knife because of the etch on the blade, then you can't really "use" it.

I'll buy future IKC knives, but that is only because you tolerate me well.

We "tolerate" you? You're more like a bad stink....you're hard to get rid of. LOL!

I'm happy to see that so far no one has bought a club knife and listed that it was a good investment.  To date, I'm not a club knife collector unless Boy Scout knives are considered Club knives.

My quandary with club knives they never seem to be in patterns I collect. I look a the price and think, I should buy the knife and support the organization but then I look at the price and think, I've been saving up for that Stag Scout knife, or that Case Rigging knife. Why am I'm going to spend XX dollars on a knife that doesn't really appeal to me or fit my collection and skip on the knife I've been saving up for?  I guess it comes down to limited knife dollars for purchase options.   When the clubs come out with a pattern I normally collect, I'll no longer have an excuse to pass on a club knife.

The funny thing is that non knife clubs that sell knives with a club emblem or lodge number tend to be a whole lot cheaper than Knife Club Knives.  And the club members actually carry them and use them daily.  What a concept!  Knife Clubs really should consider affordable EDC for knife club knives. Like a Case Soddy  or Victorinox Spartan or something. You know, something you can throw in your pocket and proudly show off and use.

 All good points. Any knife,  commemorative ,club or otherwise in my opinion first and foremost be a good quality work-worthy.

That "stink" is ocean breeze and churros. ;P

Craig Henry said:

We "tolerate" you? You're more like a bad stink....you're hard to get rid of. LOL!

There was a Remington Knife Collectors Club. It was sponsored by Remington out of their NC HQ. SMKW pushed it heavily on line and in print. I don't hear much about it anymore. Does anyone know if its still around?


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