Now to some exciting news.  For those of you that have just started the journey here with us, a tiny bit of background on our next custom being offered in our monthly contest/giveaway.

Don Carter Forge very rarely sells a knife.  It is a hobby he enjoys almost as much as giving a knife to a friend or a young person.  The past few years have been quite an adventure for me, watching him learn to take a small piece of tool steel and make it into a hand forged knife.  I always try to find something special as our Christmas giveaway and this year Don Carter has agreed to give away a knife made just for iKC.

As the 12th of December gets closer, watch here for the details and how you can be the owner of this knife, just by being online

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Another new day gang.. getting closer to the big giveaway...we all have hopes.. let them all be granted...(( I am saving a space under my Christmas tree just for this beautiful knife))...posting on fb again..and finding new groups to be part of on this site..

  Thank you..


Thanks Syd, somejow I got way off, christmas hustle and all. Jan I cou ted and I'm really at day 9 like I should be. So, for day 9 I have posted in groups. I will tweet the website during the day. 
Syd Carr said:

Day 7 brother. though I'm sure we would all like an extra day. First day was the 12th, so today is day 7.

Michael Squier said:

its day 6, how are you up to 8 already? Im close to the rip vanwinkle bridge but I dont think i slept that long. 

Tuesday, 12/20:  I joined Knife Photography and Schrade Collectors.  Posted a pic in the Schrade group of a Schrade Scrimshaw.

Shared through Facebook, Twitter, & Google,

Thanks to Jan & Don Carter for the opportunity!

Day 8 - Posted a pic of Archie in RicK's  IKC Dogs. 

You're welcome Michael, I am engulfed in holiday madness myself. I also am mightily struggling with a knife decision. I found yet another Buck unobtainium SFO. Having just splurged on one, a Buck #322 Congress SFO, I am trying to find a way to justify yet another, a substantially more expensive one. Arrrghh, I hate being disciplined, (I'll get over it soon, I always do).

I'll post in a group somewhere sometime today, right now I need to take a cold shower and hide my credit card, (or burn it).

So not only are you all sharing iKC out and socializing with each other more, I am seeing more groups pop up than a normal week.  I am happy that you all are finding some more parts and pieces of iKC to enjoy

Day 9  posted on my page https://www.facebook.com/Customlaserusa/

Whichever day of the contest it is, today I posted in "Do you carry more than one knife for EDC?" in the "EDC Club" group.

Posted in the Modern Survivalist Group.

Jan, I have lost track of which day it is for me, but for Dec. 20 I posted a comment in the Arsenal.

Day 9: Added a discussion "Who can identify this knife?" to Box Full of Knives. Jan, you are disqualified.

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