I admit it.  I currently belong to 16 groups in iKC.  To my surprise I had only clicked the "like" button in 10 of those groups.  I've belonged to the Swiss Army Knife Group for well over a year and never clicked the "like" button.  Shame on me!.  I have rectified that problem.  I have now clicked the Like Button in every group I've joined. Why did I do?  Simply to let the owner of the group know I appreciate that he was willing enough to create and maintain a group!

If you join a group, please consider clicking the like button.  It's fast, it's easy, it's free.  And let the the person who created the group know that even if you're not going to contribute with a multitude of posts you are thankful that someone was thoughtful enough to create such a group.

And if you're the administrator of a group, consider sending out a friend request to any members who join your group. It's a nice way of saying thank you for taking the time to join my group and being part of the iKC community.  This is also fast, easy, and free!

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Good idea Tobias.

I hate Like buttons...I really do. Everything has them now, and in my opinion, it means nothing. If I like a post or group, I'll comment or join. While I agree with Tobias that it's nice to let someone know you appreciate what they have done, I would much rather express that with words and the time it takes to leave a comment than just mechanically click a button. Likewise, I appreciate it much more when someone leaves a comment for me or one of my posts than just hitting the Like button.

Then again, I hate Facebook, and that is where the evil Like button was spawned, so that may be part of it too. To each their own...I just find a Like hardly explains why I like something, or what I specifically like about something. I prefer a more personal approach than hammering a Like button on every post I see. :-) Again...just my opinion.What works for some doesn't work for others.

Sure do Like iKC and the people here, though!

well I like both ideas!!!.  Tell the people in the group you like them and respond to a comment.  Let's keep the dream alive and talk about knives!

Steve, I very much understand your point of view, however at the same time, sometimes all a person wants to do is say,   I agree or Amen, or some other term that increase the length of the thread without actually contributing to the conversation.  This is where  the like button comes in handy.  

That said by all means, I always appreciate it when someone takes the time to send a note or reply to the conversation. But when a person sees that 15 people have viewed a conversation but no one has made a comment it might be that some people really have nothing more to say than Yes.  I often click like buttons to let a person know I agree with them or like the topic and then go ahead and make a response.  Obviously it takes more to type a comment than click a like button.  But It is also is somewhat a waste of time to scroll through page of the word "Awesome" in reference to picture of nice knife before you get to a more substantive response.  Sometimes all a person want to do is say "Hey, I like this" and sometimes that's all the poster is wanting to see.

The cool thing is no one is going to bite your head off here if you choose to post a short reply or click the like button!

As for facebook it has its good points and its bad points.  I've met some really great knife people on facebook!

Good points all around. It just boils down to personal preference. I think between the two of us, we'll make everyone feel appreciated for their work or pictures. Whatever floats yer boat!

And yeah...FB has some uses...wife uses it for business and does well with it, but all I can see is yet another excuse to sit in front of a screen rather than playing outside, meeting (real) people, having a real conversation...well, you get the idea. :-) Have to admit, it's good for the knife world too...I also have "met" some great people through the computer, so I guess it ain't all bad.

Jan if I could click a like button on your comment, I would.  Steve another good use of facebook is keepign in touch with freinds who aren't that close to you geographically.  But yeah.  It can really be a time-suck if you're not careful!  It can really take away from my time on iKC!

Well, the nice thing about it is you can choose not to use it, or use it as you wish. :-)  I shudder to think of what I would never have learned or the people I never would have met if I had left here just because of a layout issue, but some feel pretty strongly. I don't want to hijack Tobias's post, so we should stick to the topic at hand and encourage folks to show the posters of reviews, pictures and opinions a bit of love and Like or drop a comment on posts now and then. Always nice to know your work is appreciated one way or another! 

Yes, I agree again. Sorry. I'll just delete my post.

'Craig said:  "And maybe this is the place to bring it up......I've been in contact with a number of people on another forum, and through this forum, that told me they won't participate much or join iKC because of the facebook like setup!"

My first thought was:  "Yep it is much cooler to belong to a group that makes it damn near impossible to post a photo or video" or has portions that require you pay money to post in certain areas.  I'm 56. I've belong to online news groups and list-serv  since 1985. That's a good ten years before this whole "World Wide Web" thing took off. I'm not sure why people have problems with making it easier for people to communicate and share. 

I know when the WWW took off because I saw one of the earliest demonstrations of a program called Mosaic back in 1992 while in Grad School at the University of Illinois .  A year later the thing went live!  A week later I said "Screw Gopher*" and  learned how to code HTML. About the same time a few nefarious companies started think this could be a great commerical venture.  You want to talk about heated discussions.  You should've been around for the arguments over selling things on the internet! 

I've belonged to or am a current member of AAPK, Blades Forum, SharpFans and a couple other non-knife groups.   Quite frankly I prefer spending my time here simply because I find this place the easiest place to communicate and the easiest place to focus in on a topic of discussion.

Maybe I should've titled this thread, What's there not to like about a "like" button.  I thought having a quick easy way to reply and agree with a topic was a good thing. I didn't realize so many people were against such a concept.

Oh and if this message comes across as if I'm a little ticked off, I'm truly not.  I actually value the other opinions expressed and I'm glad that people took the time to type them share them with me.  Please don't take anything I've said personally Steve or Craig. Just trying to give clarity as to where I'm coming from.

*Gopher was a TCP/IP internet protocol that many thought was going to be the cat's meow when it came to file sharing.  Turbo-Gopher was Mac Based Gopher that allowed share images using an encode/decode program!  You know longer needed to FTP to a site down load encrypted data, reassemble the file using a text editor and then decode the the text file hoping that you didn't leave out a random hexidecimal code along the way. Yep,  Brings back memories. Most of them bad.

Steve and Craig.  Your opinions are valued too highly by me for you to delete a post.  This is a place to discuss.  I think it is also good for people to realize that some people may like the group or a post but haven't clicked the like button.  The problem wasn't the post but the concept of the button. 

My fault...kinda went off on a side rant there. :-)  And no worries, nothing remotely personal taken!

Another thing to consider, NING uses the Like button,as a factor, in its determination of top content.
I don't use it as often as I might, but I will when I don't have time to comment.

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