Possibly one of the most popular fixed blades of modern times. Once upon a time if you wanted a Sharpfinger, it was Schrade, or no Sharpfinger at all! 

Now since the demise of Schrade, a bunch of companies are making a "Sharpfinger"!

If you have never held a "Sharpfinger" in your hand you don't know what you're missing! It feels sooo perfect. Like an extension of your hand.........a Sharp-Finger!

If you have one, or some, lets see pictures and hear what you think of them!

Taylor-Schrade Old Timer stainless - The original Scharde made one was in carbon steel

Taylor-Schrade Schrade-Walden in bone!

Puma in Stag!

Bear & Son

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Craig I have seen even more companies that make them, try a search on Amazon and they are everywhere! Somebody is trying to "make a  market"

I've some more .094(3/32") 1095 HC steel laying about. I am thinking I may make my own if I can't find an old Carbon steel one at a decent price. It would look really nice with some Osage, Tulip wood or Olive wood handles.

Hog, I think someone could have a pretty good collection of Sharpfingers! As far as I'm concerned, the design should have legend status! A great work knife, and TONS and TONS of deer dressed out with them!

Brad, that sounds like a great idea! I'd like to see that when you're done!

I scored a Vintage Schrade 152OT w/leather sheath for $45 shipped. I will still attempt my own creation.

Good going Brad. I wish I kept mine. My brother-in-law and I were knife dealers (The Knife Co.) back in the 80's and we sold a TON of Sharpfingers. I wish I had all of them to sell now! LOL!

Good work Brad.  I am happy you will still do one of your own, let us see pics when you get the Schrade  and of course as you go forward with your own

Love the bone! Very nice looking style. Need to get me one.

I have a hard time accepting Schrades made by Taylor........but.............I really like that bone handled Schrade-Walden. I'm tempted. Hmmm.........

Hey guys, look at this one. Anyone familiar with this one? I would have bought it in a heat beat if I was back into collecting when it was made/sold!

A Schrade prototype sold when they closed their doors! Beautiful, isn't it? It's marked "New York Knife Co." I love it!

Nice example and stamped New York Knife Co! That's a great stamp!

Yeah, those handles give it that "Frontiersman" look!

My newly arrived Vintage Sharpfinger. She was 5 passes on the Ceramic rods from razor sharp on delivery, gotta love 1095 Carbon steel. Sheath is in good condition, needs to be re-stitched but it is very supple.

I was surprised at the diminutive size of the knife, but I can see the numerous uses for this knife because of it's size.  I really like it.

As for crafting my own? I can't use the 3/32"(.094) 1095, it is too thin. The 152 Mic's out at .165(a hair shy of 11/64"), I'll see about using some 1/4" A2 or D2 stock I have laying about.

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