does any1 know if u could carry fixed bade knives in illinois if there not conceled

any inf wud be great

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Depends on at when you are carrying them.  If you're in a larger city (Chicago, Rockford and other areas) they have strict codes regarding the length of blades.  The most city codes make exceptions for knives considered "tools of a trade"    Thus a roofer, chef, or construction worker could probably carry a knife  but it would need to be covered up (Concealed)

If you're in the woods hunting or doing other nature like stuff, the park ranger probably won't hassle you if you have a fixed blade any more that if you had a folder.  But if you were walking down the main street of town or city wearing a bowie knife as if you were turtle man, I'd guess you'd lose the knife pretty quick.

Illinois law is based mainly in intent-You can carry most anything if your "intent" is lawful. If you are going fishing or hunting, a large fixed blade is not illegal- Also if it is job related-If it is a lawful  purpose, no harm no foul. If used in a unlawful act, major additional penalties apply.Chicago is a whole different ballgarme, with limits on blade length and age for you young guys.But, statewide, carrying on government property or near a school will get you in deep doodoo-Automatics and throwing stars are illegal statewide. Balisongs are not.-These are general state laws. Local jurisdictions ( like Chicago) may have additional restrictions. Lastly, I am not a lawyer, and this should in no way be construed as legal advice- Just info gleaned from around the web.

I recommend the excellent book, "Knife Laws of the 50 States", by Attorney David Wong, available from A. G. Russell.

This book is a compilation of law and case law from all 50 states, Illinois included, and comes directly from the State Attorney General's Office of each state right out of the law books and is therefore facts rather than internet fiction.

The book was published in 2006 so it is somewhat outdated thanks to the many preemption laws passed in several states due to the good and tireless work of the Knife Rights organization.  However it is still an excellent reference for the resident of any state, and for the interstate traveler, for which the book is intended.  If you want the facts get the book.


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