I probably spend way too much time on eBay.  Or maybe I don't.  I'm curious if other feel a thread or even a discussion group about the trials and tribulations of buying and selling knives on eBay would be worthwhile or if it would just turn into a glorious flame war?

I'm thinking of a place to discuss in general terms some of the annoying things we run into plus some of the stranger posts we see.  For instance three words that annoy me to no end are "Reserve Not Met"  

And then there are those people who sell "crappy knife with cool case"  knowing the word Case and knife will bring looks from people trying to find Case Knives.   How can legitimate sellers of Case knives better target buyers of Case knives? 

Ebay is the online flea market for knife collectors and there is a lot of good knives sold on it.  But there are also disreputable sellers.  How can we warn new buyers without hurting decent merchants who made an honest mistake.  What do other think.  Is there room or interest for a place devoted to "Ebay for Knife Collectors"

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Thats funny but yes I have seen similar emotional over the top, win at any cost type bids!

My best deal on ebay was a small Ruanna fixed blade. I bought the knife for $150 from someone down the road from me. I offered it to Treeman Knives for $250, they turn me down. I then put it on eBay and the bidding got hot at the end and when the dust settled, it sold for a cool $345. Someone in Canada bought it. My wife was hooping and hollering. That's the most money I ever made on buying and selling a knife.

Mr Burris, What is this selling knife you speak of.  It is foreign to me.  I only know of buying knife. How does one do this selling knife?

Well, .... hmmmmm... yes!  I sell a lot of knives out of the USA , very few problems. but i wil read on before I make any rash statements LOL...

I'm with Tobias...sell? A disturbing concept...lol

Ya know on the flip side, if you want to wait a while for a knife, try buying one from Canada if you live in the USA!  I don't know why but anytime I buy something from Canada it seems to take forever, longer than even things coming from Europe, Australia or even China!  I don't blame the seller.  It just seems to take forever getting through Canadian customs.

Tell me about it! Vigilant little buggers, ain't they?

I think sharing about Ebay would be a great idea.  I have a few favorite sellers that I trust and return to when looking for something specific.  I also bought one knife from Ebay that turned out to be a fake.  It would be nice to have a forum to share both good and bad Ebay experiences.

I always careful check and reading any varies kind of knives in ebay plus any free shipping than fee shipping. I know how to offer them for start low than high. That is why i dont want be sucker.

Has anyone else been here?

You've been following a knife for a week and there has been no activity.

Then on the last day a couple people start bidding on the knife and the price keeps going up and up and up!

And you find yourself shouting at the computer "STOP BIDDING ON MY KNIFE!

Yep, been there done that - LOL

And another thing.  Communication is vital.  I recently purchased a knife. Under shipping, the seller stated normally ships within three days of payment.  On the fourth day, I emailed him. No Response!  I emailed him again three days later as the item was now past the expected delivery date and was still not marked "shipped"  The next day, I received a message from the seller.  He explained he suffers from MS and was having hard time getting to the post office and using the computer and explained he would have stuff shipped later that day.  The item was marked shipped later that day and arrived three days later.

Now maybe the guy is pulling my leg  and maybe he truly is disabled. That isn't my place to judge.  My messages were polite and his reply back was also polite and apologetic.  For this he deserves the benefit of the doubt and positive five star feedback.  He seems to sell quite a few knives so If I buy from him again I know what to expect.  Had he not replied and had I needed to get eBay involved then I would give negative feedback.

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