EDC; EveryDay Carry

OCD;  Obsessive-compulsive disorder is an anxiety disorder in which people have unwanted and repeated thoughts, feelings, ideas, sensations (obsessions), or behaviors that make them feel driven to do something (compulsions). 



Do you have EDC-OCD?

1. Do you buy a knife for an EDC, and like it well enough, that you feel driven to get a "backup"?

2. Do you buy a kmife for an EDC and then have to get one "for the collection"- or visa versa?

I have EDC/OCD. Which is tough for me when I buy more expensive knives. Is there a doctor in the house?

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Guilty of both and your right it can get costly in the higher dollar knives.  It is however an illness I am willing to live with 

I can live with it....my wallet on the other hand is barfing in my back pocket.

I don't know what it is Craig. I just look at one on the internet or in a catalog and I think, that just looks good. I'll make that my EDC. And before too long for some reason the whole thing repeats itself? Been doing this steady now for a long time....

Guess I'm guilty too.

I can't afford to...or want to really. So I don't.

LOL! Bob, just tell them it's better than drinking and gambling!

You're singing to the choir, my broster!

And I want to assure you that we are all here to help.

Help you buy more knives, that is!


I can give you the perfect example.  When the GEC Ben hogan lockback came out in a beavertail, of course I had to have it for the BT collection.  Then while we were in TN, Frank came by to see us and he had one in stag, well we had to have that one.  Then we got home and the blue camel bone one came out, yep had to have that one.  I think there is one on order to be a user (want to take bets on wether or not it gets used?) LOL

and of course there is the iKC 2012.  Had to get 2 one to use and one for the safe.

As I am typing that I am beginning to think we have 3 collectors in the house.  Donnie, me and the safe

Sometimes I think it's good Cass doesn't collect anymore (she used to have a big Abalone collection). She does look at what I get and gives her opinion on what I should get sometimes.  She does carry a couple of knives though, but luckily I'm just the one with EDC-OCD.

I don't use my knives either...They are "Knife Jewelry" ..something to look at, hold in your hand, wipe it down and put it back in it's box...till the next showing!


Have a Happy Thanksgiving !

See Craig, you are not alone LOL

The real answer for me is more knife money. Donations welcome.

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