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Fans, collectors, and/or anyone interested in Ernest Emerson's Legendary Hard Use Knives..."To Some They Are Accessories... To Others They Are Necessities."



Ernest R. Emerson (born March 7, 1955) is an American custom knifemaker, martial artist, and edged-weapons expert. Originally an engineer and machinist in the aerospace industry, Emerson became a knifemaker known for making decorative knives but later became better known for his combat knives, eventually founding a production company to mass-produce his designs, and popularizing a style of knife known as the Tactical-folder. 

Emerson's knives have been displayed as museum pieces, designed for use by Navy SEALs, and used by NASA in outer space. They have also been featured in films and novels, furthering their popularity with collectors. 

Emerson is an accomplished martial artist who has developed a combatives system, Emerson Combat Systems, which has been taught to police officers, elite military units, and civilians...http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ernest_Emerson 


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Blade / Handle interchangeability?

Posted by Gritter Trash on May 27, 2009

I realize that each blade is hand fitted to the lock, but I was wondering if anyone knew if they are "basically" interchangeable. Similar fitment and shape, that wouldn't take "much" to get everything lined up and working.

My example is that I don't care for the Tanto blade as much as the Spearpoint, so I want to throw the CQC-7A blade on the HD-7 handle.

Am I headin' down the road of heartache even thinking this way? It'd be a lot cheaper than having it pimped by Ferrrk or STR. Thanks in advance.

Reply by Nick Arsenault on May 29, 2009

no... that's a good idea... if the blade will fit into the new handle (length, thickness, and pivot pin size) AND the locks are the same on the two you could do that no problem but if not you may need to modify the blade or handle...


Posted by J.T. [HELLZZARMY] on May 13, 2009 

In February 1996, custom Knifemaker Ernest Emerson and his wife, Mary, founded Emerson Knives, Inc. (also referred to as EKI) in Torrance, California to manufacture knives on a larger scale than a custom knifemaker was capable. This new company would be a distinct entity from his Specwar lineup of custom knives, although several of Emerson's custom designs have made their way into production. Four years after starting this venture, Emerson sold an entire year's worth of production in four hours at the SHOT (Shooting Hunting and Outdoor Trade) Show in January 2000.

What's your favorite Emerson knife...if you can narrow it down to one?

I love my Commander but, my CQC-8 comes a close second.

Reply by Tom Cai on May 14, 2009 

I really like the CQC-11s though the Super Commander does come close.

Reply by J.T. [HELLZZARMY] on May 14, 2009

Just got a CQC-11 BTS today from a friend's gun shop (Kaneohe Gun shop: http://www.kaneohegs.com/) be posted a video today...

Reply by Gritter Trash on May 26, 2009 

My choice is the SNUBBY CQC-14. It's dwarf blade is perfect. It's MEAN, yet won't freak out the Sheeple.

Reply by Joe D. on August 20, 2009 

My favorite is my new CQC-10 SFS in the Stonewashed finish. Great EDC knife! I love the finish as well as the utility of the blade shape!

What types of Emerson Knives do you Have???

Posted by J.T. [HELLZZARMY] on May 13, 2009

Emerson Knives, Inc.

Type Proprietorship
Founded Torrance, California (1996)
Headquarters Torrance, California
Key people Ernest Emerson, Founder & President
Industry Manufacturing
Products Knives
Revenue US$10 million
Employees 20–25
Website www.emersonknives.com

Here's some of my CQC-7s...some early Benchmade collaborations.

Reply by J.T. [HELLZZARMY] on May 13, 2009 

Besides CQC-7s...I have a couple of Commanders, LaGriffe neck knife, Karambit, CQC-8, Raven, and a SpecWar-A.

Reply by Eric J. Montford on May 14, 2009

The only one I have is the right handed Commander (with wave). I would still like to get the left handed version in the future.

Reply by Tom Cai on May 14, 2009

Sadly, I've only owned one. The BM 970SBK. Which is basically the CQC-7. I see you have the same model, J.T. :D

Though during the time that I had it I did a few small tests.

Really, really heavy spine whack tests. A few cutting tests. Light lateral pressure test.

I have to say, the BM Emersons are no joke, good quality folders at a good price. Lock up is solid even with the thin liner lock. Edge retention was also good (did a little batoning as well). Though, lateral strength wasn't that great. The torx screws that BM use don't really do well for holding the knife under side stress.

Though, I'd really like to test out the CQC-7 and HD-7. I'm not sure that the HD-7 thick frame lock is all that necessary. I'd see if they both can take a stand on lock test and stand on lateral test. I'm sure the actual Emersons will have better lateral strength than the BMs since I recall they use a larger pivot screw.

Reply by J.T. [HELLZZARMY] on May 14, 2009

Just got an Emerson CQC-11 BTS...video forthcoming...

Reply by Tom Cai on May 14, 2009


Emerson should do a tanto version.... then again I guess that would be the raven series.

Reply by J.T. [HELLZZARMY] on May 16, 2009

Yeah but, there's a saying I'm fond of..."there's no price for security."

Let me take this oppurtunity to welcome you to our group. You've already dive in so no need to push...lol! I've put up a lot of cool stuff already...even Emerson's 2009 catalog.

I'll try to put up new content at least once a week and already have feelers out to Emerson Knives Inc.

Reply by Seamus McGuinness on May 19, 2009 

Just the Horseman so far, but it is by far the best knife I've ever owned.

Reply by J.T. [HELLZZARMY] on May 19, 2009

Can't go wrong with that...I got the bigger CQC-8 and a bunch of other Emersons (see video and comment above). And I just got a Emerson UTCOM CQC-11 last Thursday video above too.

Reply by J.T. [HELLZZARMY] on May 25, 2009 

Reply by kenneth noob on May 26, 2009

my only emerson is the cqc14, but i don't mind. i'm considering getting a custom Ti framelock + krein grind.

Reply by J.T. [HELLZZARMY] on June 6, 2009

Reply by Joe D. on June 7, 2009

I have a SOCFK, PUK, Horseman, and Mini Commander right now. I have owned (over the years) a Commander, CQC-15, CQC-16, CQC-14, CQC-7, Mini CQC-7, CQC-10, La Griffe, and CQC-11. I love Emersons!!
Reply by J.T. [HELLZZARMY] on June 19, 2009

Reply by Joe D. on July 4, 2009 

Right now I have 4 although i have owned about 20 or so over the years. My 4 blades are: Horsenman, SOCFK, Mini Commander, and CQC-15. Emersons are like Rufles....you can't have just one!!!!

Reply by J.T. [HELLZZARMY] on July 5, 2009

Reply by Chris Stookey on August 13, 2009

Well...I've got a CQC-8 and a CQC-11. Looking to add a CQC-15 to the collection. Love Emerson knives. GREAT, great blades!

Reply by Patrick Brown on August 19, 2009 

I've got a CQC7 and a Mini A100. Hopefully going to get another 7 or Mini Commander next - can't decide which.

Reply by Ron Faircloth on February 24, 2010

I like autos, so when the Emerson Gerber collaboration was released last year I grabbed one up. I was disappointed with the two buttons (lock & safety) being so close together and small. Recently I was looking at a Blade Magazine from 1996 and saw an ad for a Gerber auto the looked exactly like the supposed new Emerson Gerber collaboration. Anyone know the story about these two knives? I also recently picked up one of the Emerson Kershaw collaborations and couldn't be happier. I'm looking for one of the Emerson Benchmade 9700's, but haven't found one. Of pure Emerson's, I own a CQC-7 and a Super Commander.


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