The prize in this contest is three knives, a Smith & Wesson CH0021 Cuttin' Horse and a Gerber 425 E-Z Out.  In order to enter you have to post a picture of your gun or guns in this discussion.  All the entries will be put in a hat and the winner drawn.  You may enter more than once.  Since some like me may have many guns while others may have only one or two, there will be a limit of three entries for any one person.  This should give everyone a reasonable chance at winning.  It is not necessary to enter the contest but if there is a story attached to the gun, please post it.

The rules:

1)  At least one gun in each picture

2)  Air guns are allowed.

3)  No air soft or paint ball guns

4)  Must be posted in this discussion

5)  Up to three entries per person

6)  Winner drawn out of hat containing all entries

Here are the prizes.

Smith & Wesson Cuttin' Horse

Gerber E-Z Out

Here is the third one.  The knife is the size  of a pistol cartridge.

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Love this gun!

Mario Rossetti said:

This is an original WWII M1A1. It is the "Paratrooper" version of the M1Carbine. This weapon was made famous by the 101st & 82nd Divisions that dropped into Normandy and began the D-Day campaign.

Here is another one of mine. This is my little Taurus .380 TCP.

Jeremy, what do you think of that Taurus compared to the Ruger LCP?  How is the trigger?

Wow, nice collection you have Mario!

NOW you win 3 knives???  Gotta take some pics!

Data - I think the size comparison is very close. The trigger pull on the Taurus is a long, smooth pull. There is no safety built into the gun, so the long pull is the safety. I like this gun to carry a concealed piece. I really need to get out to put some more rounds through it. 

Downton Data said:

Jeremy, what do you think of that Taurus compared to the Ruger LCP?  How is the trigger?

Here is my third and final hand gun. This is another Taurus. It is a PT111 G2, 9 MM. I really like this gun. It shoots great and is a nice CCW.

This is my latest purchase. Wanted it for 30+years.

this is one of my favorites. springfield 1911  (ported) low recoil.

Not an entry since I was already very blessed to have won one of Mr. Sample's previous generous contests - but I wanted to post a couple of pistols, one I put together - PSA AR-15 Pistol 8.5", and the other a S&W PC M&P 9mm ported 5" barrel competition gun. 

This is my collection...Love my guns...:)

Case and wheelguns what a nice combo....

Martha Holland said:


White River Knives

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