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This is how it looks at the moment , 1 D2 blade , 2 Corby bolts , 2 African Blackwood scales with glued on red liners , and a rather nice leather sheath . Total cost $100 approx including postage to the UK from Finland , delivered in three days .

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A link to a youtube video of someone making up this kit .


Cant wait to see it done John!

I am sure that a kit like this would be too easy for a lot of folk on iKC . This is the first step for me though and I am happy how it turned out .

The sheath is very nice really thick leather . I would have loved one of these when I used to do a lot of shooting and deer stalking , may have had a Micarta handle for heavy duty use though . Much as I love African Blackwood it may not be the best choice for heavy use . This won't get any hard use !

Well John...you impress me!

It appears to have gone together well and looks great.  Congrats on the first build!

Thank's Jan , I must admit it was pretty easy which is a good thing I think . I hope to do a few Puukot's in the future from just the blades , I doubt that I will be forging my own  blades though ! I figure on being able to find enough birch bark to make the handles locally.

f... heavy duty john !  i love the african blackwood !! LOL

Working on the edge now Kees , don't know if it will be a mirror when it is finished but it should look good .


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