I know it is very hard to narrow it down to just one or two of your favorite knife manufactures but try! If necessary give a top 3. It can be a custom knife maker or a factory maker, any and all are welcome!

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Busse,Chris Reeve, Swamp Rat.
1. Cherusker Messer
2. Emerson
3. Benchmade
Becker (not sure about the ones made by Kabar)
Emerson, strider, benchmade. That order
1. Benchmade. All series really cant find a bad one.
2. Spyderco. Again all series allthough not sold on the Byrd's yet.
3. T.O.P.S.
4. ESEE formerly RAT cutlery.
5. Ontario Knife Co. (use mainly RAT designs I think they are same manufacturer.)
6. CRKT some of the best knives going for the money.
7. Spartan Knives
8. Mission Knives (allthough yet to afford one.)
9. Buck - still making some of the best bang for the buck (no pun inteneded)
10. SOG seem to have a good value going atm.

customs- anything Les George, Elishiwitz, or John Landi
Me too. Actually just recieved my Landi http://www.landiknives.com/LK_Kinzuas.html# in tan micarta. Good value, seems very strong and excellent sharpness and strength in a tool steel that is new to me.
they are sharpening up my http://missionknive.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=... as we speak and will ship it to me Tuesday. My personal holy grail of survival knives.
I spoke to the company and it can be sharpened by any field sharpener that is non magnetic.
Ceramic Diamond Carbide, all are not magnetic. I have a lansky that has all three.
Just got my hands on a spartan enyo recently. I now own two knives I have drawn my own blood with. First one being my Spyderco Bill Moran.
Queen .. price/value, matl, quality, fit-n-finish

Opinel .. price/value, utility, secure lock
what' the significance of “non-magnetic”

Chris C. said:
I spoke to the company and it can be sharpened by any field sharpener that is non magnetic.

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