From time to time we have people cross our paths that can help change the direction of where we thought we were going.  I found a person like that right here on iKC.  When I joined, I met Steve "Hog" Hanner.  The man welcomed "the lady in the room" with open arms and helped me discover just how much I truly like spending time with the knife folks.  He managed iKC for many years and stayed on with me for much longer that I could have hoped for.

Steve became a true friend to many of us here and remains a valued member.  Now it is our turn to show off what he can do!

SO, with this contest we are going to do just that.  I want you all to go to Knives that work!

1) Click follow and join his blog.  You will not regret getting an email once in a while that tells you a new knife review is ready to read !

2) Read the reviews and comment on at least one. 

3) Come back here and tell me you have done 1 & 2

Thats it, do these three steps and you are entered.  Contest ends on February 29th!  What do you win???  HMMM, how did I know you were going to ask that?

How about this?  A Schrade USA Whittlin kit  Never used, Never Sharpened ! Brought to us by Reed Cutlery.

 Comes in a tin with a booklet, a block of wood and a stockman

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...1 & 2 done......giving away a Schrade????? whoever heard of such nonsense...sign me up 

Thanks for this fun way to increase my knife knowledge, participate and get to know a few folks.

Thanks for doing this!

Steps ! & 2 completed.

Doug, Just call me a little crazy LOL

Gregory,  Thanks for being here with us and participating!

I have complete steps 1 & 2. That is a great looking Schrade kit!

Nice prize Jan.   

Steps 1 and 2 done.

Done!!!! I did steps 1 and 2 that is it! Looking great Schrade knife. 

I was already a subscriber and have made comments in the past.   That said, I made new comments today!

Done steps 1 & 2 completed Thank for the GAW!! It's very kind of you..

1 & 2, and now 3, done.
The Noot on the blog is a beaut!

Thanks for the GAW. Good old Schrade too! What a sweet knife!

Commented on H9 Takin Real Steel, (my comment is being "moderated" at the moment). I'm known as "backbaysyd" on Word.Press.

That did not hurt one bit. New to knife talk. So I have done 1-2 steps and hope I win.

I also done 1 + 2. Had already signed up to follow Steve and his reviews a couple months ago on Wordpress. Thanks.

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