My grandfather asked that I put up some of his older Queen and Case knives for sale.  Most have price stickers on them as a ballpark of what he is asking. Feel free to make offers if you wish. I can provide more photos and descriptions of any if you would like them. Thanks everyone for looking.

Case knives
1 - Case XX 5172 Bulldog, "Handmade in USA", stag, with black box
2 - Case XX USA 51749L SS, Baby Copperlock, stag, has wrong tang stamp (read in Sargent's 7th book, page 36)
3 - Case XX USA 51549L SS, Copperlock, stag
4 - Case XX 6347HP, stockman, redbone
5 - Case XX Stainless 089, w/ blade, scissors, file. Mother of Pearl
6 - Case XX C61050 SAB, red bone, sabre blade
7 - Case XX 61048, rogers bone

Queen knives
1 - Queen 1973-1975, #14 peanut pattern, 2 blade, Rogers bone
2 - Queen 1979, 2 blade equal end pen knife, stag
3 - Queen 1932-1955, single blade #38 pattern, Winterbottom bone (cream color)
4 - Queen 1932-1955, single blade #38 pattern, Winterbottom bone (greenish color)
5 - Queen City, single blade with jigged bone (very hard to pull open)
6 - Queen 1976, single blade #20 toothpick pattern, Rogers bone
7 - Queen 1950's, #46 fish knife pattern, 2 blade, delrin Winterbottom bone
8 - Queen 1935-1955, single blade #11 slimline pattern, Rogers bone
9 - Queen City, 3 blade stockman, Rogers bone

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Hi Carl

the number 5 queen i would be interested in.  How difficult to open is it?  Any damage on the knife you can see?


The knife is in nice looking condition (blades and handles), but the pull is definitely a nail breaker. You can get it open though.  My grandfather showed it to Ken Daniels last year at the Queen show, and Ken said that they wouldn't risk trying to fix it, because it would likely destroy the bone handles. He advised it is better to just keep in a display as a show piece, not as a user.

I can go to my grandfathers and take additional pictures of the knife, of both sides, and with the blade open.

Hope your sales are going well!

No one interested so far, but it was worth a shot. If anyone wants to make an offer on anything, let me know.


I think I need to get this discussion in the next email if your have no objections

By all means, please do!  Thanks Jan!

Tried to send you a message Carl, needed to friend you first...looking at the Bulldog...if still available.

The Case bulldog knife had already been sold to a local buyer back in early December. Sorry for inconvenience, I was unaware until now that my grandfather had sold it.

Hi, would it be possible to update the list to know which ones are still available? Thank you, these are beautiful!

Hi Mark.  All knives shown are still available.  The Bulldog knife is still available also.  After some inventory research, he had sold a different Bulldog knife.  So everything in the photos up above are still available for sale. Thanks for looking!

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