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A dicsussion group about knives of the Great Outdoors  needs to have an area to discuss all those fixed blades.  This will be a place to show off your fixed blades.  Doesn't matter if it for filet fish or just the knife you use around the camp fire.  Maybe its your favorite deer skinner!  Let's see it!

For years, the knife i took camping was my Camillus Mk2 Fighting knife.  But it is now in retirement.  Not because I found something better, just because it has too much sentimental meaning to have it confiscated by a park ranger or game warden or lost through stupidity.

My current camp knife is a Rough Rider 844 Burl Wood Hunter.  Why?  Because it has been getting the job done.  I've got Hunters by Bear & Son, Case and Buck that all cost more but  this one seems to get the job done better and cost half as much as the others.

The only issue I had with the knife was the strap for the sheath. It got in the way of taking the knife in and out of the sheath .  A little altering and all was fine.

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National Knife Museum said:

This is My Jefferson Spivey Sabertooth Knife.  I,  like Mr. Gibson carried the same MKII by Camillus that I carried when I was an active duty Marine.  I still dont leave home without it, however I carry this Jefferson Spivey on my belt, EVERYWHERE I go. I am lucky enough to live in a state where carrying a fixed blade knife over 4" long is based on intent of carry.


Above is a link to the history of this knife.  It is a great American story, IMHO.

   This knife was a given to Me by a friend who knows how I feel about my MKII.  As a Marine I have used my MKII for just about everything at one time or another and he recommended I try this knife instead, which could eventually save my beloved MKII that I carried while active duty from any number of terrorible demises.  Thus far I have sawed through wood, Aluminum, part of the roll bar on my 77 Jeep CJ5 and yes...I started a nice cut into the head of my sledge hammer...Ill ry to take some pics and post them if theres interest.

  So far I have few negatives to this knife and a few positives.  The positive definetly out-weigh the negative...by far.


Probably my favorite hunter is my Camillus Sword Brand 1013.  I have a weakness for the upswept skinner blade.

These are fine knives. One thing I see common on the Sawtooth and this Camillus is the finger (or thumb) rest above the ricasso. It provides better control for precision work. Not unlike using the thumb resting on the top of the handle of a hammer to help you hit a nail straight. I believe this feature came about when someone noticed that resting a finger on a knife spine was helpful. Some makers incorporate an extended length ricasso for choking up on the blade. That puts the blade at a favorable angle for light cutting in some cases, depending on the angle of the object being cut, in relation to the user's hand. Both designs were designed with safety in mind. Thanks for posting these.

My Gully Cat. Appalachian Hunter.  It has a 4 inch  (10 Cm) drop point carbon steel blade with a hidden rat-tail tang in an elk antler handle. Overall length is approximately 12 inches (31 CM)  It was the second kit knife that I made.  (Still working on the sheath.)  Blade is razor sharp and seems to hold pretty well.   It is surprising comfortable in my hand and the long handle nicely balances the blade. I figure the hook end of the antler could be used for prodding or scraping in a pinch.

Not sure how well it will work but the blade profile is very similar to my Buck Diamond Back Hunter which seems to do okay.

 If nothing else I really like it because I put it together myself.  With the exception of  dremel tool used for some sanding and shaping, no other power tools were used.  Does anyone know how long it takes to put a five inch deep hole in Elk Antler using a triangular file?  I'll give you hint -- Whatever  time you are thinking it will take double it and add some very cramped finger  sore shoulders and then double it again!

I'll need to put up more pics when I finish the sheath.

You did a fine job, Tobias.  The drop-point is a solid performer.

Buck Vanguard

I like that Vanguard, Ken.  The handle is beautiful.   If that second knife a Schrade.   Reminds me of a Golden Spike

Thanks Tobias, yes that Vanguard is a nice knife. The other knife is an import, not a Schrade but it looks like it.

Nice fixed blades guys. This Rover Scout knife was made in Sweden. Perhaps associated with the 2nd World Rover Moot in Ingaro Sweden 1935?

Hey Smiling Knife - I like that Swedish Knife.

That is a terrific Knife, Smiling-Knife.  Now I know why you are smiling!


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