I have just spent one of my 2 favorite weekends of the year watching kids forge! Nothing shows it better than this particular pic

Notice the young lady is standing on a box to reach the anvil but she is working that steel! The gentleman she is working with had a surprise this weekend.  He is a regular and his son comes with him everytime, he has gone around learning from the guys and his interest in forging has grown with his height.  His son was the recipient this weekend of the Forging Kids set up.

This program is meant to carry forward the mission of the Hammer In.  What these knife makers want is for the next generation to become involved and know how to do this "lost art". The Trackrock Hammer In is free, it is 2 days where people can come in, try their hand and get the kids involved.  Forging Kids carrys that to the next level by allowing a few that get involved, show a continued interest to have a set up at home to work on.

I enjoy every aspect of it from the community to the generosity these folks show to anyone wanting to learn.  We support this program with the help of the same wonderful makers.  Donations of a knife or 2 for each hammer in and there is money to support this program and still donate to a childrens charity.

I wanted to say a special Thank you to Russ Owens of Anglesey knives.  His wife made a special trip home to bring back a donation knife for this weekend.  It is hearts like this that bring up the next community of Knife makers knowing that sharing the spirit is as important as hammering the steel.

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