My name is Vinnie (well actually Vincent lol but I was only ever called that when I was seriously in trouble as a kid)

I was born in Ireland but grew up in the Aussie bush, served in Viet Nam and when I left the Australian Regular Army I sort of was lost a bit and took up Pro Shooting for a few years.

When you make a living out of your tools (rifle and knife) you use the best and in those days Puma was the best knife and they weren't cheap, but I've skinned and dressed thousands of Roos and never was I disappointed with my Pumas

I have a lot of Puma Knives these days and I am sharing some of my collection here. Given that these days I only collect.

I thought this might be a good place to be as the site appears to be more collector oriented than that of the endless Blah Blah Blah about this steel and that steel and the drivel about how a given knife chops down trees, cuts everything known to mankind, opens cans and still amazingly still stays sharp.

Also I'm tiring of being told that classic Solingen Knives like Puma are old fashioned rubbish. "Get with the times, if it ain't a Spyderco, it ain't a knife"

Maybe I'm in the right place, I'll see.........


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Hello Vinnie - G'day!

I think you are in the right place....and for all the right reasons too! (the least of which you already identified). I have enjoyed following your Puma updates...learned a lot. One of the great reasons I like hanging out here is because all the comments are authentic (sincere). By that I mean when I post something about one of my knives, and we all know it's a worthless piece but I like it anyway - the comments always have something good to say....at the very least it's "Thanks for sharing Lars!" 

If not already, one way to catalog your fantastic Puma collection is to create a dedicated photo album of your Puma's. Instead of just adding them in there, include the details - Name/model, year, all the cool spec's, etc. Bring them to life!

The advantage of doing that is that they will all be in one place, they won't be lost in layers of discussion threads, and they can be easily linked down to the photo in future discussions - regardless of the group. 

Sure - it takes some time to pull that all together, but I find it sort of maintains the relationship with the knife...as it were.

Anyway - I just wanted to affirm your reasons for being here. And your Puma's...they rock!

Thanks, Lars

Not much point in collecting and not sharing. That doesn't only apply to knives, but to anything, and yes you are right, value is secondary. People collect what they like regardless of value (I differentiate between collectors and investors, although the two could go hand in hand but certainly don't have to). and that could be anything from matchbooks to Barbie Dolls to paintings

I know an old Motor Mechanic who collects a particular brand of spanners because that brand was his favourite before he retired and he's got enough spanners to open up a car assembly production line. Doesn't mean they are worth a lot, but they give him pleasure.

Sharing is caring!  Really enjoyed looking at your Puma pics Vinnie!

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