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Lots of stuff here. I used to collect toothpicks and traditional knives, but not anymore, so out they go. Most are unused or lightly carried, some have the boxes as well. I'll specify as I go down the list.

1. GEC Beavertail toothpick - item 121111: $100
jigged Brazilian cherry, comes with tube. unused, no marks or scratches, centered blade

2. Case XX Toothpick item 13159: $70
Comes with box. Walnut handles, unused and no marks. nicely centered

3. Remington UMC 1992 item R1253 Bullet knife: $50
Comes with box. Carried some, but no scratches or marks. Delrin handles, blade is centered

4. Remington Powderhorn R1615 1988: $30
Unused and no marks. No box. I think this was made by Camillus, but could be wrong. Full disclosure the blade is way off center to the logo side when closed, but I don't see any rub marks.

5. Camillus American Wildlife Series #32 (Bass): $40
No box. I bought this used. 2 blades, some scratches on the thinner blade (from sharpening perhaps?) but text is fully readable and main blade looks great. The handle came sort of an off-white, so I used some walnut furniture polish and put some color into it. Looks nice. There's some green areas around the pins which I think is oxidation since the pins are brass.

6. Falcon fishtail stiletto style knife in stag: $35
No box. 5.375" closed / 4.375" blade - Blade centering is a off to the right, no rubbing. Locks up fairly tight, some slight movement because of the type of lock. Stag looks great, no cracks.

7. Ka-Bar 1991 Collectors Club Knife CK91: $75
Comes with box. beautiful birds eye maple handles , nice gold scroll work on blade. Unused no marks or scratches, locks up great and blade is centered.

8. Case 1992 Christmas Tree Toothpick item 71098: $90
No box. READ CAREFULLY!! Sabre grind blade. This was a user and there may be an issue with the celluloid scales. There's some discoloration on the blade along the top (the part that's exposed when the blade is closed). The scales are also starting to come away from the bolsters. I was concerned about it gassing out and have kept it away from everything, but it appears to be stable and hasn't gotten any worse in the three or more years since I've had it. I wasn't even going to sell it or pass it on, BUT it's a collector’s item and I thought maybe someone here would want it warts and all. I posted many pics of it with close-ups of the distressed areas on the iKnife Collectors forum trying to get advice. It's a really pretty knife and I don't mind keeping it, but I don't carry it and I don't display it and it deserves better.

9. Marbles rosewood trapper lockback: $20
Like new and unused. 3.5" blade is centered, no movement when opened. Very sharp. No box.

10. Solingen Germany-made Kissing Cranes 615 stag hunter: $40
4" blade, 7.5" overall; comes with sheath. Type of steel is not indicated. Bought used. There's some very slight light scratching on the edge which tells me someone tried to sharpen it, but the rest of the blade is flawless. Great etching of a buck on the front.

That's it for now. PayPal only and CONUS only.
No Trades at this time. Need to pay some PayPal before they send Guido and Knuckles over to break my legs.
First "I'll take it" gets it. I mail USPS First Class with tracking, usually next day. Prices include shipping. Any questions please email me at: m(dot)schuchman44(at)comcast(dot)net

I'm just seeing you can only upload 3 pics?!? I have pics of everything and will try to upload more if the site let's me. If not email me and I'll send them to you.

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More pics and yet more to come


Just the Christmas Case knife pics.


Last pic of the Kissing Crane fixed blade


Did you sell the Kabar 1991?

Sorry, yeah. Just about everything on this list was sold on BladeForum. I completely forgot I had it crossposted here! Thanks for the reminder to delete the ad!

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