General INFO section...Knife world news and special links for input (POST THEM HERE) for all to enjoy!

I think over the years there have been so many knife sites and info sites, that I have read from page to page...that never get passed on to others and you end up having to surf to find them later..So I thought a special area earmarked just for those would be great...Since I am an avid Case collector and collector of the coke bottle shaped knives of all brands, there will be those links that interest me.

I hope to see the sharing of other members favorite info links so we can all have fast clicks to the world Library of Knives.



I found this one today similiar to others I have read but a simplified quick overview of the Case family history


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Made in the USA

CUTCO Cutlery is the largest manufacturer of high-quality kitchen cutlery in the United States. We employ approximately 500 manufacturing and administrative employees in Olean, NY.

Outdoor knives http://www.cutco.com/products/thumbnail.jsp?category=130

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Chris Reeve Knives - Chris Reeve Sebenza Knife

 It is our pleasure to offer a selection of Chris Reeve Knives for sale. Each Chris Reeve knife is built for functional performance and the highest standards of quality. The Chris Reeve sebenza pioneered a new standard in folding knives.

If you are like me, you also enjoy the artistic touch that many of his knives feature. The steels used in all of the Chris Reeve knives is either the highly acclaimed Stainless S30V or S35VN Steel. It is a high performance steel that offers increased edge retention and toughness while remaining rust resistant. Chris Reeve knives fall in a category of between custom and production. The quality of knives produced easily equals those made on a 
one-at-a-time basis, but Chris Reeves Knives does not produce anywhere near the quantity of the big production houses. According to Chris Reeve, "In the case of the Sebenzas, the tolerances to which we work are 10 times tighter than those of ANY production house and 95% of the custom makers."

Informational posting not meant for advertising.....sue

NICE..........thanks jan

Jan Carter said:

I will shamelessly add this to our list of excellent references and profusely thank Tobias Gibson for his hard work and genorosity in sharing with all knife folks



William Henry Knives

 William Henry Studio is dedicated to producing knives, pens and other fine accessories that rank among the finest in the world. Each William Henry knife is an exceptional handcrafted rendition of function, form, and value. Each knife is adjusted, assembled and finished by hand to exacting quality standards. We have a large selection of William Henry Knives for sale.


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Nice grouping to look at of USA made!

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1890 sheath


1890 hunting knife springfield armory

VINTAGE  input

Did some surfing ran across these someone was selling...PRE-1900 advertise knives....

Joseph Rodgers & Sons, Sheffield: 1900 P1633 Military Pliers Knife.

1903 German Atlantic Telegraph Pocket Knife

Bayonet points

nice look at some history of the company's making Bayonet and fixed blades during war time


nice history book and free  to read woot woot


Neat...this site shows a lot of converts regular knives to switchblade.....How cool is that...



White River Knives

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