I always liked Yellow handles. Not my number one favorite, but I like them, a lot. Don't know what it is. there is something about yellow handles. They just look good to me. I know a lot of other people like them and collect them. 

I remember looong ago some guys were talking about yellow handles and they mentioned when they thought yellow handles were first produced. In the 1930's? I can't remember.

1. Do YOU like them. What do you think of them?

2. Does anyone have the information, or can remember when yellow handles first showed up on knives?

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Hey Bob, A SodBuster Jr. was my very first Case too (about 1976-78)! But, with the standard black delrin handles. I wish I had kept mine!!

Here are my yellow handles.


Case Mini Trapper



Shrade Sharpfinger and Lockback

Charles, couple of beauties and the Sharp Finger is really spectacular.

The two Schrades were my 10th anniversary service award from TVA.

Nice ones Max!  I "need" a punch blade Stockman.

Max McGruder said:

Gotta say there is something about a yeller handle in the hand, it sure is smooth and feels just right!

Y'all been showing some beauties! That letter opener is a sweetie!

How about a T.A. Davison in yellow?

I feel the need for yellow. That Yellow Case Trapper you have there Max makes me feel all tingly.

Craig, That was the first knife I bought after selling off or giving away many knives after moving back to the windy city, I just thought it was time to get out of knife collecting. Then I was at the Ace Hardware warehouse sale for employees only at their headquarters in Oakbrook Il. where my wife works and they had that there for $1.00 well bought it and that bug bit me hard! been back at collecting since!

Glad I did cause with all the online forums and info bout events got to meet many new people that have some of the same problems i have, Buying and Hoarding knives, I call it collecting.

One dollar?! Good grief.

Prior to a few years ago, I was away from serious knife collecting too. It seems the knife bug bit harder this time around! More knives, more knife info, and more knife people now! 

That will be a nice one!

And, I've been bugging both Case and Shepherd Hills Cutlery (since they make a lot of SFOs) for a Yellow Tiny Trapper!

Don "Grump01" Hunter said:

Waiting on a punch blade now, hoping to be here today????? Now if they'd hear the cry for Tiny Trappers in Yellow!!!! 

I like the yellow handled knives and you all are showing some nice ones . I do however prefer stag ...... Does this count as yellow ?

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