Anybody have any pics of Schrades for show? I'll start...Show off your favorites or comment on those posted.

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Hey Man, Those dudes 4-sale, I showed you my marbles pearl sunfish and a few knife-ax's, I'm into old springers heavy, got plenty of bones and blacks, I have some interest in the celuloid handled ones????? Thanx
Afraid not but I do have some others that may be for sale. contact me thorough the friends network on this site. Also I wouldn't mind seeing some of your knives in a post. Thanks Alex
Beauties Alex. Here are a couple Hunters Pride.
Hey Ken Great to have you here. Love to see your knives. It's always like going back in time 60 or 70 years and looking at them when they were just made. Thanks for posting.
Hi Vince. Welcome aboard. Thanks for sharing these beauties. Everyone loves the hunters prides especially when they are etched like the bone variation. Also gotta love that marine pearl. Not too common.
I have a black handled shrade, "2 3/8, two bladed knife like this that I would like to find the value of. It is in mint condition!
Is the knife 2-7/8" or 3-3/8" closed and is it slickblack or jigged black handles? Also what is the tang stamping? A pic would help infinitely. You can PM me if you wish.

Well , I did make a mistake on the is "3 3/8, and the tang stamping is..Schrade over Walden and on the small (file blade combo) It has Feb '06 as the first patent date. I am using a friend's PC and don't have the knife with me , but will try to get some pictures on here.
Great to see these, Alex. The small frame Schrade spear point is seldom seen, oh la la!!! The Shrade Hunting Knife in celluloid, original scales?...either way, looks very cool.
Ill post some pictures of some I have when I get back from my show this weekend.
Wow Beautiful knives.


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