I love Great Eastern and I think they are great knives. If I didn't feel that way I would not have bought a second one.


I have one little thing to add. I would hate to insult anyone by making a comparison with my old Schrade Uncle Henry but this is how I feel. On my old Schrade the blades start out at the tang and only tapers slightly to the end to the tip. Whereas on both my G.E. knives the blades start out thick at the tang and quickly drops off in thickness, significiantly.


I do not understand why they would do this or what is the purpose but if I had my way about it I would build them with the same thickness fron tang to blade tip. As far as blade styles are concerned, I much prefer that of my old Schrade. The blade on my Schrade appears much beefier by comparison. ... But I guess we can't have everything:)

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Hey Donald, everyone has a little different opinion on how a knife should be made for what they want to use it for. May I ask what pattern GEC knife are you talking about? There may be another pattern that may be more suited for the job you are trying to perform. The old USA Schrade knives were a good work horse and still are if you can find one.
yes donald i like my uncle henrys two.but there are different blades on different styles of knives gec has some types with the thicker blades look at all the styles they offer. but i even like my new uncle henrys two.but ever one has their own opinion ....
Donald, I wish you were closer so I could put many different styles of the GEC and blades in your hands.  I know the closest dealer to you is either Washington or Arizona so that doesnt help, might as well tell you to go see the one in austrailia.  You know we will help you try to match a blade to your use, just ask anything you need to.  Also if you tell me where I can go look at what you like, I can help you get close to that.  Not only does everyone have thier own opinions, we are particular about our blades.  We like what we like.  I am happy that you have liked what you have gotten so far
I wasn't complaining, just making a comment on what I see. I have a congress style GEC knife and wish the blades were a tad thicker is all."_:)
Let me ask, do you have the three blade congress?  There was also a two blade and I beleive the blades are thicker on that one since they are in thre same 62 frame..

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